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When a Russian shifter offers her a job in his covert organization hunting outlaws, dignity and a respectable career are finally within her grasp. Before entering this life, Maryah did the unthinkable - she erased. Now, at 17 years old, she's clueless that her new adoptive family has known her for centuries, that they are perpetually reincarnated souls, and that they have supernatural abilities.

Oh, and she's supposed to love not despise Nathan, the green-eyed daredevil who saved her life. Their attraction is instant, the chemistry undeniable. But sadly, things aren't adding up. Taylor wonders what her "crush" is hiding. When her new friend, Fred tells her his suspicions about Jesse being a paranormal creature, Taylor laughs.

But when Fred turns up dead, she believes every warning he ever told her. When angels fell from the sky to war with the demons that ravaged Earth, their combined powers infected humanity. Now, the humans are assigned one of two fates, being either demon-gifted or angel-blessed. After wings sprout from Brielle's back at her awakening ceremony, she's sure she's an angel-blessed celestial. It's not until she sees black wings that she realizes something is terribly wrong.

When you're mated to an immortal vampire, love is forever. In another lifetime, six vampires lost their mates - and their mortality - to an unimaginable evil power. Despite the veil of death separating them, the strength of love draws them together across the ages. Seventeen-year-old tagger Saira Elian can handle anything But when an old graffiti tag in a tube station transports Saira to the 19th Century and she comes face-to-face with Jack the Ripper, she realizes she needs help after all. Saira meets Archer, a charming student who helps her blend in as much as a tall, modern American teen can in Victorian England.

Part of a small demon lair in Las Vegas, tattooist Harper Wallis lives a pretty simple life. That changes overnight when she discovers that her psychic mate, or 'anchor', is a guy who's rumoured to be the most powerful demon in existence. Compelling, full of secrets and armed with raw sexuality, Knox Thorne is determined to claim her as his anchor, creating a psychic bond that will prevent their inner demons from ever turning rogue. With an agoraphobic mother and a barely-there father, Sang abhors the isolation keeping her in the shadows.

The only thing Sang craves is a fresh start and to be accepted as ordinary by her peers, because for her being different meant being cast out alone. When her family moves to a new school district, Sang infiltrates a group of boys nearly perfect in every way. Blaze is the third book in the thrilling Midnight Fire series. With Aldrich's note burning a hole in her pocket, Kira is off to England to finally reunite with her birth mother. But what begins as a dream quickly turns to a nightmare and Kira is left questioning everything she has ever known. Emma Knight. December Moon.

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Blood Feud. Alyxandra Harvey. Portia Special Edition. Vampire in Defiance. Dale Mayer. Out for Blood.

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Moon-Ache Lone March 2. Ednah Walters. Moon-Linked Lone March 1. The Steele Wolf. Chanda Hahn. Moon-Burn Lone March 3. Brenda Pandos. Anya Allyn. The Silver Siren. Winter Fire 3, Witchling Series. Lizzy Ford. Lost Hidden Series Book Two. Autumn Storm 2, Witchling Series. Moon-Wake Lone March 6. Deadly Pack. Ashley Stoyanoff. King Hugo's brother Prince Angelo, long believed dead, has reappeared and seized power.

Banished from their kingdom, Tom and Elenna must uncover the truth about Prince Angelo How can they defeat Torka the three-headed dragon? Back in Avantia from their exile in the Wildlands, Tom and Elenna face their deadliest enemy yet. Can they fight the ghoulish Beast Xerkan - and reveal the truth about the mysterious Prince Angelo before the kingdom of Avantia is changed for ever?

Jack, Danny and Ruby are heading to the Arctic to solve a spate of mysterious thefts. But when they get there, they are faced with an old, deadly enemy Every hero needs the Book of Beasts! Contained in these pages is everything a Beast Quest fan needs to know about over seventy different Beasts, as featured in the bestselling series. Gain secret knowledge, learn incredible facts, and study amazing colour pictures. This unique book is a must-have for any Avantian hero! In a frozen wasteland, our heroes face a battle with Krotax - an armoured mammoth!

The kingdom of Avantia is shocked by the return of the king's brother, Prince Angelo, believed killed in battle many years ago. But when he banishes Tom and Elenna from Avantia they travel to the Wildlands in search of the truth about Prince Angelo. First of all they must tackle Querzol, a man-eating mangrove tree! The spirit of an ancient Beast has risen. Ospira is on the rampage and King Hugo's baby son, Prince Thomas, is in danger! Join Tom and Elenna as they battle to rescue the prince and defend Avantia. X-Men meets Beast Quest at the school for superheroes - an epic new adventure series from bestselling author Adam Blade!

Ordinary kids with extraordinary powers gather in a secret school to be trained to fight the forces of darkness. Jack, Danny and Ruby are training for battle with some high-powered fighting robots. But when their opponents go rogue, they soon realise a far deadlier enemy is afoot! The wicked pirate Ria has taken control of another terrifying Beast. Tom and Elenna must tackle Larnak the giant locust and stop Ria from getting to the magical Elixir Wells!

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Ria the pirate is using a terrifying monkey-Beast to destroy the forests of Makai. She wants the timber to build a fleet of new ships. Can Tom and Elenna stop Ria's latest wicked plan before she attacks Avantia? Tom and Elenna's pirate enemy, Ria, is back - and she has a deadly new plan to take over the kingdom of Makai. Join our heroes as they battle Ria's Beast Menox, a monster with a tooth like a sword! The young pirate Ria has enchanted a series of ancient Beasts. Tom and Elenna must stop her before she seizes power over Makai for ever - but how can they fight Nersepha, a monstrous mermaid?

Evil Wizard Malvel has conjured up Creta, a terrifying creature that can unleash thousands of vicious insects from its colossal body!? Tom must find a way to defeat Creta before the Beast destroys both him and Avantia Avantia is in deadly peril! Kensa the Sorceress's most deadly Beast has been unleashed, and only Tom and his frends stand in his way!

Will they prevail, or will they be crushed under his hooves? Tom thinks he has defeated his enemy, Evil Wizard Malvel.

But he is wrong! Malvel lives, and he intends to bring doom to Avantia by creating six deadly Beasts.

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Tom must first face Noctila the Death Owl! Tom's enemy, the Judge, has sent him to the Warrior's Road. If Tom fails to reach the end, he will no longer be Master of the Beasts. Standing in his way is cunning Slivka - will an old friend come to Tom's aid? Malvel's evil knows no bounds! He has used his dark magic to turn Elenna's faithful wolf, Silver, into a terrifying Beast.

Can Tom and Elenna rescue their friend, or will they lose him for ever? Avantia's precious Cup of Life has been stolen. Tom must get it back, or the kingdom will be destroyed - but he is in terrible danger from Kragos and Kildor's deadly secret power Beast Quest Early Readers are perfect for children learning to read and for families to enjoy together, with text vetted by a literacy expert and bright new colour illustrations. Look out for more! Tom and his faithful companion, Elenna, must hunt down the invaders and destroy them.

If he fails, the kingdom will face ruin, death and destruction. Join the hero Tom on a high-action adventure with terrible Beasts and deadly danger! Tom's perilous Beast Quest continues! Will Tom defeat the awesome wolf-Beast Kajin, or will he fall to his doom? Tom's best friend, Elenna, has been kidnapped by evil Malvel! Grashkor the Beast Guard is holding her prisoner in his dark prison - the Chamber of Pain! Can Tom rescue her from Grashkor's deadly clutches? Avantian legend tells of a Mistress of the Beasts who never returned from her Quest, sixty years ago Together with Daltec, can Tom and Elenna solve the mystery of the missing Kara, and defeat the Beast which haunts the island of Krikos?

The end of the Warrior's Road is in sight! But will Tom be able to reach it? Standing in his way is Koba, Ghoul of the Shadows, a twisted Beast of pure evil. It's time for Tom's ultimate challenge! Tom must brave the mysterious Warrior's Road to prove that he is Master of the Beasts. His journey takes him to a freezing wasteland, where Targro the Arctic Menace lies in wait under the snow Dark secrets will be revealed on the new Beast Quest Skurik the Forest Demon is terrorising Tom's village and kidnapping children!

Can Tom rescue them before it's too late? Arax the Soul Stealer has snatched away good Wizard Aduro's spirit, leaving the kingdom exposed to the evil of Wizard Malvel. In a frozen wasteland of ice and snow lurks a monstrous orange-eyed ice bear Kensa the evil witch has conjured a legion of Ice Marauders to do her bidding, and now Tom and Elenna must defeat a horde of enemies to protect Avantia.

Will they prevail in this new Quest? Tom must get it back, or the kingdom will be destroyed by evil Wizard Malvel. But unknown to Tom, Kragos and Kildor have a deadly secret power that puts him in terrible danger Tom's bravery and fighting skills are tested to the limit in his next Beast Quest. Is he brave enough to continue with his most challenging Beast Quest yet? Or will Mirka the Ice Horse defeat him? Tom is about to embark on his biggest Quest yet! Tom's first deadly challenge is to defeat Solak, Scourge of the Sea. Tom's most dangerous Quest ever is heading towards an explosive climax!

He must confront Kama the Faceless Beast, an old foe of his father's. Will Tom prevail? Tom faces terrible danger on a brand new Beast Quest. Issrilla the Creeping Menace is out for blood! How can Tom defeat this ferocious Beast? Only one thing is certain: if he fails, the Beast Quests end forever Tom's deadliest Quest yet reaches a terrifying conclusion as he enters the Pit of Fire to battle Falra! Can our hero defeat the Beast and find the final potion ingredient needed to break Kensa's curse?

Having successfully walked the Warrior's Road, Tom has reclaimed his rightful place as Master of the Beasts. But there's no time to rest, for now Tom must tackle four Beasts controlled by his lifelong foe, Kensa Tom's Quest to find the ingredients for a potion to save the Cursed Dragon continues. Next, he must face Vislak - a terrifying Beast which traps his victims with sticky venom! If Tom fails to save him, Avantia is doomed. Tom must fight harder than he has ever done before to win the day!

A new evil enemy and dangerous realm await Tom on his new Beast Quest. Elko Lord of the Sea has risen from the waves to wreak havoc. Can Tom overcome this deadly peril? Kensa the Sorceress seeks to overthrow Avantia and become a cruel ruler - and she has created six Evil Beasts to do her bidding. It's up to Tom and his faithful companions to defeat them! Tom must do battle with a ravening, winged hound who thirsts for his blood!

Something horrible lurks in the Yellow Marshes! Malvel has created Lustor the Acid Dart to fight Tom. This giant Beast can shoot acid - and his aim is fixed on Tom! Is our hero fast enough to win? The Good Beast Sepron is in danger!

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Malvel has sent Voltrex -- a hideous Octopus-Beast - to kill him. If Sepron dies, Malvel will be closer to conquering Avantia.

Tom must dash to Sepron's rescue before it's too late! Something terrible is hiding under the sands of the desert! Tarrok the Blood Spike is waiting for the hero Tom and his companion Elenna, so he can unleash his fury on them! Will Tom survive? Can the Avantian hero overcome her fearsome heat and douse her flames? Malvel has created another ferocious Beast for Tom to battle!

Tecton is a massive creature that even Tom might find hard to defeat. Luckily Tom's father, Taladon, is here to help. Will Tom and Taladon prevail, or will it end in tragedy? Malvel wants revenge on Tom! The Evil Wizard is using the ancient spirits of Avantian heroes to conjure bloodthirsty Beasts. Shamani the Raging Flame is causing havoc The Warrior's Road is perilous, and Tom must face an enemy from the air. Linka the Sky Conqueror is here to battle the heroes! Does Tom have the strength to survive another Beast attack? Deep in the tunnels under the Warrior's Road lurks a hideous Beast Tom must brave the darkness to rescue his best friend Elenna.

Is he brave enough to win, or will he be trapped in the shadows forever? Tom and his companions are searching for Malvel in the strange land of Seraph. The fate of all Avantia is at stake, and if Tom fails to overcome Minos the Demon Bull, all the world will fall under Malvel's evil thrall! Tom's Quest reaches a terrifying climax! But there is one more Beast to battle: Torpix the Twisted Serpent! Only by defeating both Torpix and Malvel will Tom fulfill his Quest Malvel has created another deadly Beast to stop Tom from saving the realm of Seraph! Spikefin is a vicious sea creature who drags his victims to a watery grave.

Is this the end for Tom and his perilous Quest? Evil Wizard Malvel has stolen the treasured Warlock's Staff! If he reaches the Eternal Flame in the mysterious realm of Seraph, he will rule all the kingdoms. Tom must stop him, but first he must defeat a giant Beast: Ursus the Clawed Roar! Koraka was a gentle shepherdess until evil Wizard Malvel transformed her into a hideous winged Beast! If Tom is to stop Malvel reaching the Eternal Flame, he must outwit this bloodthirsty creature.

Can he survive? Team Hero Vs the world! Jack, Danny and Ruby must stop a powerful foe from regaining an ancient sceptre and unleashing its dark magic. But on their quest, they discover some new, unexpected enemies Join Team Hero for a fiery showdown! Team Hero's great enemy Raina the Vile has recovered her full powers, and is ready to destroy the world with her burning vengeance. Only Jack, Ruby and Danny can stop her now! Jack, Ruby and Danny face a beast of horror! Team Hero are locked in battle with a half-human, half-dragon foe.

Can they stop her from resurrecting her powerful horse and destroying the world? Follow Team Hero through a terrifying ice maze! The students of Hero Academy are visiting a rival training school. Tensions are high between the two groups - but they must work together to defeat a common, frosty enemy! First, Tom and Elenna must tackle Grymon, a Beast that can claw its way through solid earth The second of Malvel's terrible Netherworld Beasts has come to attack Avantia.

It's time for Tom and Elenna to battle Skrar, a Beast whose magical flames make him a fearsome enemy Tom and Elenna must follow the shadow path to find and defeat the third deadly Netherworld Beast. How will they stop the giant spider Tarantix from poisoning Avantia's precious river? Tom and Elenna must enter the deadly Netherworld to face the last of Malvel's monstrous Beasts. Lypida the Shadow Fiend is a terrifying creature with a tail like a powerful whip!

X-Men meets Beast Quest at the school where ordinary kids with extraordinary powers learn to be superheroes! Jack and his friends are doing underwater training in a tropical ocean when they stumble across the secret lair of Dr Maranya - an evil scientist who has been splicing humans and animals to create a deadly combination! Can they save the animal hybrids, and stop Dr Maranya from unleashing her minions against Team Hero? Don't miss this new bumper special edition of the bestselling series, in which our heroes return to the realm of Gwildor to battle an old enemy and a terrifying new sea Beast - Verak the Storm King!

General Gore's evil poison is spreading throughout the underground city of Tavnar. Jack, Danny and Ruby must descend into its dark depths before the whole population is infected The students of Hero Academy are on a mission to a hidden kingdom of cat-human hybrids. But the change of location gives their enemy a new, deadly opportunity to strike The majestic flying beast that watches over the Avaretti has been taken over by the forces of darkness.

Join Team Hero abroad a fighter plane for an epic battle in the skies! A great evil continues to spread throughout the human world, and it is up to Jack, Danny and Ruby to stop it. Team Hero must save the world from eternal darkness - but at what cost? An epic new adventure series from bestselling author Adam Blade! Their quest takes them to an underground swamp: the lair of the dreaded Tartania! If they don't retrieve the amulet, Tom and Elenna will be trapped on the Isle of Ghosts for ever!

The heroes must now face an enormous ogre, Okira the Crusher When supernatural events start to occur in Avantia it can only mean one thing - something is afoot in the terrifying Isle of Ghosts, and the Dark Wizard Malvel is to blame. Can Tom hope to defeat both the Beast and his oldest enemy once and for all? Hero Academy has been infiltrated by an enemy agent. Jack and the rest of Team Hero must discover who it is before the secret spy can tear their world apart. Hero Academy is under threat.

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You must escape now! There's a new evil escaping from the dark realm of Noxx. Jack and Team Hero must harness their special powers to stop the bat army from destroying the world. Team Hero needs you! Join Jack and battle the forces of darkness General Gore's evil army has kidnapped Jack's friend, Danny. It's time for Team Hero to take the fight underground, right into the heart of darkness. Students of Hero Academy beware - the invasion is coming! Tom muss gegen das riesige Seemonster Rapu antreten. Die Scheren des Biests enthalten todliches Gift und Tom scheint hoffnungslos unterlegen.

Nur das magische Schatzstuck seiner Feindin Freya konnte ihm helfen. Doch kann er der bosen Herrin der Biester trauen? Das Schicksal von Gwildor liegt in Toms Hand! Auf seiner neuen Mission muss er die guten Biester des Landes von einem Fluch befreien. Wenn er sie nicht retten kann, versinken Gwildor und sein Zwillingsland Avantia im Chaos Actionreiche Fantasy, spannende Missionen und gefhrliche Biester!

Die erfolgreiche Kinderbuchreihe mit zahlreichen Illustrationen ist besonders fr Jungs ab 8 Jahren geeignet. Mit einem Flugelschlag zerstort der machtige Voltor ganze Felder und Dorfer.

Tom muss das Biest besiegen und gleichzeitig seine Freunde Storm und Silver retten. Denn die Bewohner von Gwildor hungern und schrecken deshalb vor nichts zuruck Wenn er sie nicht retten kann, versinken Gwildor und sein Zwillingsland Avantia im Chaos. Tom muss nun gegen die Kalte, das Biest und schwarze Magie ankampfen. Als sich dann auch noch die bose Herrin der Biester einmischt, scheint alles verloren. Tom muss sich schnell etwas einfallen lassen, als sich Paragor, der Teufelswurm, seinen Freund Silver schnappt. Das Biest zieht ihn mit sich tief unter die Erde in den alten Minenschacht, der jederzeit einbrechen und sie alle begraben konnte.

Tom ist beinahe am Ziel seiner Mission. Es scheint unmoglich, das unsichtbare Biest zu besiegen. Er muss sechs Zutaten fur einen Heiltrank finden, um Freya zu heilen.