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This is a six track vinyl EP to get you moving. SIDE A 1. Enter The Arena feat. Walshy Fire 2. Hot Gal 3. Dash It In The Mirror feat. Sanjay 4. Why I Come 5. Music Of The Time 2. Phantom In The Dancehall 3. Showtime Dynamite Selection 4. Jah Dub. The historic shows were originally recorded in March, in San Francisco. The audio is newly mastered by Bruce Botnick, the historic engineer for The Doors, from recently unearthed, first generation masters.

Worldwide run of 13, Instrumentals for all tracks from the new record. Alternate gatefold artwork on g black vinyl on 2LPs, printed inner sleeves Disc 1 Side 1. Octagon Octagon, 2. Polka Dots, 3. Black Hole Son Side B 1. Operation Zero, 3. Area 54, 2. Flying Waterbed, 3. Karma Sutra, 2. Hollywood Tailswinging, 3. Aviator Hype CD 1. Black Hole Son, 4. Operation Zero, 6. Bear Witness IV, 7. Area 54, 8. Flying Waterbed, 9. Karma Sutra, Hollywood Tailswinging, Aviator Hype. Whilst sightseeing in Paris, , the Doctor and Romana notice a series of unexplained temporal disturbances.

When a visit to the Louvre lands them in hot water, they realise that a certain Count Scarlioni knows more about advanced technology than a 20th-century Parisian should. With British detective Duggan in tow, the time travellers become embroiled in an audacious plot to steal the Mona Lisa and sell it on the open market. Lalla Ward narrates this classic TV soundtrack. Containing 2 hours of audio over 2 LPs. Ascribed a legendary status by the fans, the serial was believed lost for many years until a full print of the series was recovered from Hong Kong in Commissioned as Doctor Who and the Cybermen Planet, this was the third encounter between the Doctor and his half-human, half-machine foes.

Packaged in a gatefold jacket.

Includes poster. Vinny 2. Kids Raising a Kid 3. Old New York 4. For What its Worth 5. Ignore It 6. Mom 7. Family Man 8. Destructive Father 9. Heart Attack Writing the Future Friends Genuine Justice To the Day I Die. Pressed on double color vinyl. Back on vinyl for the first time in 30 years. Remastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering and adorned with multiple vinyl etchings on both sides of the clear vinyl. Rounded out with brand new artwork to breathe new life into this punk classic.

Not reissued on any format since original release until this multi-etched clear colored vinyl 12" for Record Store Day. This exclusive to indie double LP contains 20 live songs and covers a ton of ground through Earle's long career. Guitar Town 3. Hillbilly Highway 4. My Olf Friend The Blues 5. Someday 6. Little Emperor 4. Aquainted With The Wind 5. Looking For A Woman 3. Goobye Michaelangelo 4. Amanda Side 4 - 1. Fixin To Die 2. Hey Joe 3. Johhny Come Lately 4.

Wild Thing. Kingston, Jamaica native Eek-A-Mouse is a well known regae artist and ganja enthusiast. Greensleeves is re-releasing a green vinyl picture sleeve version of one of his biggest hits, "Ganja Smuggling", printed on hemp paper. This is a classic ganja anthem backed with super rare dub performed by Roots Radics. This is a one-time pressing and a Record Store Day exclusive. Begging to be listened to on noise-canceling headphones or very, very loud speakers, the duo blast off with a drum track that is instantly, almost comically subsumed into a nine-minute sound-cleanse of bells, drones, and a soaring rocket flare that may be a guitar.

Ambient but hardly static, its tones and textures return throughout, as if tracing long and inaudibly developing melodies. Not immediately identifiable as either Eno or Shields' work, a rich, enveloping piece of music" - Pitchfork. Only Once Away My Son. Demon Records are proud to present this limited edition Fawlty Towers picture disc, featuring 2 of the most highly rated episodes ever. Named for a skate slogan and boasting a distinct punk pedigree two members are sons of T. Composed by Wayne Coyne, frontman for The Flaming Lips, the lyrics pay tribute to the colorful array of off-centered ingredients in the beer.

When Fleet Foxes visited Reykjavik last fall for the local Iceland Airwaves festival, they recorded this stunning version of "Crack Up", the title track from last year's critically adored album. Adding to the majesty of the song is Graduale Nobili, the 24 piece choir known for their work with Bjork. On vinyl for the very first time. There is this feeling of being cracked open, rushing endlessly outwards and upwards, and wanting somebody to hold you still, bring you back to yourself.

Shirt 6. In , after a six year absence from the upper reaches of the pop charts, Marvin Gaye re-established his soul supremacy with "Sexual Healing", an addictive romantic classic and the final pop hit of his lifetime. This maxi-single, pressed on red smoke vinyl, includes seven versions of this unforgettable song several making their vinyl debuts , including the original 12" single version, a rare alternate vocal version and remixes by Ben Liebrand, Kygo, SNBRN and more. Sexual Healing Inch Version 2. Sexual Healing Kygo Remix 2. Sexual Healing Felguk Remix 4. Sexual Healing Extended Dance Mix.

Limited edition 4-LP 8th side etching set, on gram vinyl. Funk in France: From Paris to Antibes is previously unissued live recordings of legendary guitarist Grant Green. This set brings together a collection of recordings of Green captured at the ORTF studios in Paris on October 26, plus full concert recordings from June 18 and 20, at the Antibes Jazz Festival.

Available exclusively for Record Store Day, this limited edition 3LP set is hand-numbered, and pressed on g vinyl. LP1: Side A: 1. Oleo 3. How Insensitive Insensatez 4. Untitled Blues Side B: 5. Sonnymoon for Two 6. Available exclusively for Record Store Day, this limited-edition 2LP boxed set is hand numbered and pressed on g vinyl. I Had To Try 2. Automatic Line. Auctioneers 2.

Wayward Son 3. Big Bad Wolf 4. The Lost Coast 5. You Remind Me 7. When The Morning Comes 8. Jerry 9.

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Wine Wine Wine Nacare Spreading The News Time Beyond Reason. Years - The audio here was previously only found on the triple CD Parallel Universe, and before that had never been released. The first track, Broken Man, is a near-perfect melancholic love song, so prepare for a lone tear to roll down your cheek when the needle hits the wax. Pressed on mahogany brown vinyl. Limited copies available for RSD exclusively. Legacy Recordings' Live From The Vault series uncovers rare and unreleased concerts on vinyl, featuring classic bootleg-inspired jacket design with unique, artist-specific outer wraps OBI.

Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane first conceived Hot Tuna as a loose, easygoing side project, showcasing the duro's favorite pre-war country and blues songs in an intimate acoustic style. Live at the New Orleans House features alternate performances from the same weeklong run of shows in Berkeley, California that were used on the band's self-titled debut in all released here for the first time on LP.

Hesitation Blues 2. How Log Blues 3. Uncle Sam Blues 4. Don't You Leave Me Here 5. Know You Rider 2. Oh Lord, Search My Heart 3. Winin' Boy Blues 4. New Song For The Morning 5. Mann's Fate. The artwork for this six track EP is based around the original single 'Moths', using the same shot of Ian Anderson on the cover and replacing the original black and white for colour. Includes bonus 12" x 24" insert 1. Opening 2. Wall of Fire 3. Drift Away 4. Still Searching 5. Phobia 6. Only a Dream 7.

Don't 8. Babies 9. Over the Ege Surviving It's Alright Don't Think About it The Informer Hatred A Duet Somebody Stole My Car Close to the Wire Michael Kiwanuka is a 30 year old British soul singer. He has released two albums since being signed in Out of print for years it is being re-issued on 12" picture disc.

Vinyl Reissue of the classic solo album, out of print on vinyl since release in ! Gatefold Sleeve, printed inners sleeves on white vinyl! How It Should Be, 2. Wasted and Ready, 3. Family Tree, 4. Commerce, TX, 5. In Other Words, 6. Walk On Me, 7. Make it Up, 8. No Reason, 9. Lizzy, This limited edition Yellow 7" Single features a large hole and shaped adaptor, housed in a printed paperboard sleeve. This mixtape, the second from Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert, has never been officially produced in a physical format before this Record Store Day yellow vinyl release.

Individually numbered and only worldwide. The Philadelphia rapper's fourth mixtape, pressed for the first time on vinyl purple! Their live album, released for the first time on vinyl in this double, gold and black vinyl edition. Recorded at the end of the tour promoting the group's smash debut Vivid, this hard-driving set also previews songs from the band's next album, Time's Up, released in the summer of Cult Of Personality 2.

Pride 3. Someone Like You 4. Fight The Fight 5. Funny Vibe 6. Sailin' On 7. Information Overload 8. Love Rears It's Ugly Head 9. Soldier's Blues Open Letter To A Landlord Solace Of You Middle Man Little Lies. The Lurkers were the first ever band on Beggars Banquet and the whole label history boils down to their existence. Pressed on orange vinyl. Ain't Got a Clue 2. I Don't Need to Tell Her 3.

Total War 4. Hey You 5. Shadow 6. Then I Kicked Her 7. Jenny 2. Time of Year 3. Self Destruct 4. It's Quiet Here 5. Gerald 6. I'm on Heat 7. Be My Prisoner. Worldwide run of 14, Worldwide run of 12, It was a natural progression for George to write for films - two of which are featured here.

George adores Bach and these pieces are an opportunity for him to indulge in his admiration for this great composer. Beatles to Bond And Bach is a small glimpse of an exceptionally gifted person. Side B 1. Every living creature must face the will and judgment of time. Ancient Greeks personified time in the form of the titan Kronos, father of Zeus, and ancient Egyptians celebrated Heh as an abstraction of endless years. Mastodon ponders the nature of time on their eighth album Emperor of Sand.

Threading together the myth of a man sentenced to death in a majestically malevolent desert, the Atlanta quartet conjures the grains of a musical and lyrical odyssey slipping quickly through a cosmic hourglass. Emperor of Sand is pressed on full color picture disc vinyl for Record Store Day In , Johnny Mathis attempted one of the biggest gambles of his lengty career: an album of disco-ready funk and bossa nova tracks, written and produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, the founders of Chic and hitmakers for Sister Sledge, Diana Ross and others.

Unreleased for more than 35 years, I Love My Lady loms large. The first ever domestic reissue of one of the first ever MC5 singles! Packaged in new space age envelope style sleeves, with rare unseen band photos! One of the earliest MC5 singles! Packaged in new envelope style sleeves, with rare unseen band photos!

At United Sound, the band hit the zigzag riff at light speed and stayed there, framed by searing lead guitar and explosive drumming. The Mohawks consisted of a group of session musicians assembled by the British composer Alan Hawkshaw. They released the song The Champ 50 years ago in , successfully re-released in The songs itself is based on the Lowell Fulson soul blues classic Tramp. The Champ is used as a sample in over songs. Both songs were recorded for the album The Champ. Alan Hawkshaw is known for his work as a composer for movies and television programs.

He was rewarded a doctorate in , giving him the title of Doctor for his contributions to the music. The new album You're Driving Me Crazy features legendary vocalist Van Morrison and jazz organist Joey DeFrancesco exploring both great jazz and blues standards as well as highlights from Morrison's eclectic songwriting catalog.

Worldwide run of 10, One track pressed to heart shaped 7" red vinyl. Toc H. Recorded live at the Ritz in Pressed on double vinyl for Record Store Day. The show's many highlights included laid-back live performances recorded in the round before a small audience and featuring a powerful ensemble--including guitarist Scotty Moore and drummer D. Fontana, both part of Elvis' original, classic backing band. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of ELVIS, both electrifying intimate sets will be released in an individually numbered 2XLP package with a newly created gatefold sleeve, pressed on red vinyl.

This version of , featuring the original alternative front cover and 'eye' picture labels, has been unavailable on LP for 35 years, since its initial pressing in As half of the iconic group Mobb Deep, Prodigy was a key player in New York hip-hop's mid's renaissance, delivering in-depth, uncompromising verses about life in the Queensbridge projects. Certified Classics honors Prodigy's legendary and undisputed legacy with a special picture disc release using this original artwork from his debut hit solo single, 's "Keep It Thoro" and featuring instrumental and a cappella versions of this track as well as a remix by Prodigy's Mobb Deep partner Havoc.

Keep It Thoro Clean Version 2. Keep It Thoro Main Version 3. Keep It Thoro Instrumental 4. Keep It Thoro Main Acapella 5. Keep It Thoro Remix Instrumental. There are three unreleased tracks on Side A and an etching on Side B. Less than a year after the release of The Battle of Los Angeles, Rage Against The Machine waged their own battle of Los Angeles in the summer of , staging an incendiary concert in protest of the American political party system across from the Staples Center while the Democratic National Convention was held inside.

This raw, uncompromising set is now available for the first time anywhere, pressed exclusively on vinyl for Record Store Day The tracks were previously only available on CD in the 40th Anniversary Edition Leave Home Deluxe Box, and are now appearing for the first time on vinyl! This 3LP set is on vinyl for the first time. Sing This All Together 2. Citadel 3. In Another Land 4. She's A Rainbow 7. The Lantern 8. Gomper 9. On With The Show. Adam Sandler's first album, certified 2xPlatinum but never before released on vinyl. Enter the Dragon is often considered one of the greatest martial arts films of all time, it was also Bruce Lee's final film appearance before his death on 20 July at age The film was released just six days later on 26 July in Hong Kong.

In a short period of time, Sevdaliza amassed millions of plays on Youtube and Spotify. Her debut album Ison, released in , received rave reviews from around the globe. Whenever I find ease in the mind, my physical pains dissolve. De-hydration of the soul, means drying out the cracks of the joints. These pains are experienced as real. They reflect in each layer of our being. In order to have clearness in our head, we need to clear our hearts.

The Calling is the soul telling me to return. She is the birth of all that is. When her voice cracks, it tenderly does like joints. I believe there will come an end to where these painpoints point. By listening. I am, before I am mine or yours. The Calling is a Record Store Day Exclusive, an individually numbered limited edition vinyl EP, pressed on unique hand mixed moonstone vinyl. Soul Syncable 2. Soothsayer 4. Energ1 Side B 1. Human Nature 2. Voodoov 3. The Shins, the acclaimed pop project of songwriter James Mercer, have won the hearts of many, building strongly from the early releases on indie luminaries Sub Pop Records to the recent, deeply intimate album, Heartworms.

They did the unexpected when they re-recorded every song on the album in a completely different style and reversed the running order for The Worms Heart released last month. The essential album was released in an this part 1, consisting of 28 of their songs. Robbie, the great composer, and Mariska Venus, the inimitable singer, offer sheer musical delight on this essential compilation album, which is a perfect introduction to all other albums by Shocking Blue.

This Record Store Day release includes a fan treat and is available as a limited edition of individually numbered copies on transparent blue vinyl. Love Is In the Air 2. What You Gonna Do 3. Fix Your Hair Darling 5. Send Me A Postcard6. Harley Davidson 7. Long And Lonesome Road 8. Fireball Of Love Side B 1.

Venus 2. Hot Sand 3. Mighty Joe 4. Wild Wind 5. Never Marry A Railroad Man 6. Roll Engine Roll 7. Hello Darkness Side C 1.

Shocking You 3. Waterloo 4. Blossom Lady 5. Is This A Dream 6. I Like You 2. Inkpot 3. Rock In The Sea 5. Broken Heart 6. Eve And The Apple 7. When I Was A Girl. In they worked together with the Swedish singer Junior Natural, after Junior auditioned for Robbie.

On board the album are living legends like Robbie Lyn on keyboard and Dalton Browne on guitar. The twelve tracks are packed with massive bass lines and a heavy tone of guitar sounds. The album is a fusion of rock, reggae and funk and got some strong an militant messages by Junior. Side A Militant Bouncy Bouncy Smelly Dread Karma Nothing But The Truth Mad Mad Bad Side B Close to You Sweet Wood Drop a Bomb Mighty Bertus Round and Brown Creation Binghi. For their 10th studio album, the mighty Smithereens recorded selections of the The Who's Tommy and released the album in The Smithereens Play Tommy is available here for the first time on vinyl.

Legacy Recordings' Live From The Vaults series uncovers rare and unreleased concerts on vinyl, featuring classic bootleg-inspired jacket design with unique, artist-specific outer wraps OBIs. This never-before-heard set features Soul Asylum's hard-driving performance at the legendary Austin venue Liberty Lunch, just months after the release of their breakthrough album Grave Dancers Union. Parlaying his dabke into the breakneck techno realm of electronic music, the artist is now known for his high octane sound across the Western music front. Director Luca Guadagnino of the worldwide movie hit Call me by Your Name found himself resonating with Sufjan Stevens' lyricism through his work and initially asked Stevens to record an original song.

Eventually, Stevens contributed three songs to the Call me By Your Name soundtrack: "Visions of Gideon", which was used at a very emotional scene at the end of the film, "Mystery of Love," for which a video was made and a new rendition of "Futile Devices" with piano. Stevens penned the songs by using the script, the book, and the conversations with the director about the characters.

It marks Sufjan Stevens' first soundtrack for a feature film. I mean, yeah. So, they would rather pay a girl to have sex with them or give them some other sexual favors just so they can get off their nut and go on about they way. They just want they nut and you just want your money. So in your opinion, what percentage of girls who dance at strip clubs go out and prostitute on the side?

So what do you have to say about the lack of respect some strippers have for themselves? These strippers that are out giving strippers this bad name, like we only have sex for money and all types of different stuff, they need to start respecting their bodies more and respecting themselves more.

The rappers, they need to respect us more too. I currently go to Clark Atlanta University, majoring in music. Being a fulltime college student, how are you able to manage dancing, school and your singing career at the same time? I just have to do it. I try to schedule my work and school as best as I can and I just do it. My body has gotten used to it. What advice can you give girls who are considering becoming a stripper?

I think there are stupid strippers and smart strippers; I would consider myself a smart stripper. There are so many strippers I know that have been stripping for 10, 20 years and have nothing to show for it. Malice and Terrence Thornton a. Their facial features are almost identical. Their skin complexions and voices are damn near the same. Hell, they even order similar sandwiches. But those are the dead giveaways. In our house it was about not being dumb and ignorant.

Life is cruel, and if you not smart it will pass you by. We were born in the Bronx and moved to Virginia. Plus we had an older brother who was big on the Hip Hop scene in the streets. He would record stuff on the boom box and rap to the songs. We had what we needed, but not everything we wanted. They talk to you and others in a manner that keeps you at arms length without pushing you away too far.

But the communication between the two of them is different, closer, intertwined. They can make eye contact for a split second and have the glance make ten statements at once. A brief chuckle to you is a secret paragraph to them. Even when you actually hear them exchanging words with each other, it sounds like they are speaking a completely different language, one you will never be able to decipher.

Since it sounds like your upbringing was decent, what do you think of poverty constantly being stressed in the music? I know why the caged bird sings, because he can. They tend to share that same rapport with their cult following of fans. People who listen to the Clipse understand them. They can hear the mastery of the English language in their lyrics. They can hear past the cocaine and car references and see that not only are they are two brothers who push their brains and pens to the limit, but two honest dudes.

But for real, at first I was slow on it. It was like, damn, someone is giving us some praise. No matter what you talking about, that fundamental element of Hip Hop is there. We take it up and down whatever we want to do with it. That just gives the media and white people something negative to say. Can you understand why they would say negative things? After all, you have posed for pictures with cocaine innuendoes.

They take it at face value. You gotta scratch beneath the surface. I knew what it was, a big play on coke. They snuck one in on me. People tend to gravitate towards rap music because they can relate in some sort of way. Do you think some people relate too much to the point where they forget the entertainment element?

You just have to, however you look at it. People believe in artists. But this is entertainment; everybody just trying to get a buck, for real. You gotta talk about everything. Going to jail, getting robbed, not just the good side. Vulnerability is definitely a feeling Clipse know well. They can tell you what its like to be on top of the world, and off the map. After a disastrous stint at Elektra records, where what was supposed to be their debut album Exclusive Audio Footage was shelved, they got a second chance three years later. World tours and cameos with everyone from E to Justin Timberlake followed.

Naturally, the duo hit the lab to capitalize off their success with a followup album, Hell Hath No Fury. But saw things come to a screeching halt. After a year of pushed back release dates and frustration, Clipse took the street route. The following year they hit their thirsty fans with volume two, arguably one of the best mixtapes of the past decade. Now, finally in it looks like Hell Hath No Fury will be hitting the shelves. How does it feel your have your work misinterpreted? We fuck with the people out there so we try to get our points across all the time.

But again, this rap is not for the dumb muthafucka. We talk about shit in our verses. We pull from different parts of life and some of those things are very intellectual. With this Hell Hath No Fury album, is it going to be the music from that was never heard, or is it new material? Malice: This is us. From the articulation to the vocabulary and the insight. Those mixtapes were treated as albums almost.

That being said, how do you feel about the mixtape scene right now? Malice: And dumb. Pusha: We drew inspiration from the mid-to-late 90s mixtapes. Volume one showed you what we wanted to do, which was come with some East coast fly rap shit. Volume two was about competition. Where would you say you inherited your intelligence? Malice: Well, we just had great parents, for one. My mom was a phar-.

You guys are going to be brothers forever. But as far as being in a rap group together, did the record label drama strain your creative and business relationship? Malice: Never among us two. We was feeling like we were 15 years old again with those mixtapes. It was about taking other people beats and busting over them. If an exclusive got on there, cool.

These other guys put out all these mixtapes and the only thing hot about them is the cover. Malice: And they have a hundred damn songs on there! The whole animated idea of what a rapper is supposed to be off TV. But a lot of cats are just rapping for nothing. Even in our rhymes, as coke infested as they may be, you can still get a good grasp on life and the ramifications of what you do and the consequences.

Hip Hop is an art form and we definitely respect that. What did you mean by that? Pusha: I just wanted to differentiate myself from other rappers out there. When we made that record, we was like, we never doing that type of shit. No one writes every day. We live life. After spending a day full-of-off the-record conversations with the Thornton brothers one thing becomes clear: they are not posers in any sense of the word. They will give you the lowdown on how it is living in Virginia. Can you respect the dudes who have that kind of hunger? Pusha: If you nice you nice. Naw dawg.

Were you seeing a lot of that when you first got in the business? Malice: Even before we got in the game ourselves, you could see it your. Wonder what they are saying? We may never know. Weezy F. Regardless of whatever the naysayers may allege, Baby and son are still champions, possibly the most powerful father-son combo since Georg W. Bush and his pops. These two Cash Money half-billionaires have a very special bond dating all the way back to the early 90s when Wayne was only 11 years old.

How has being signed to a record label at a young age influenced how you grew up? It made it better, because I rapped and nobody else did. I rapped when nobody else was rapping, everybody was doing something else so rapping kept me from doing what they was doing and getting into trouble. Not many eleven year olds have that kind of hustle. You know, I got it however I could get it. I love what I do, and that was just a perfect example of how much I love what I do.

I agree, but the South will always be on your back. Good emcees can be made, but great emcees are born. Well, are you still the best even though Jay-Z is back? We talked, but I was more hungrier than what he had on the plate. I know your bond with Baby has to be partially responsible for your loyalty to Cash Money. Can you talk about your relationship with Baby? Do you really think of him as a father? What was the very first question you asked me? I asked you about how being signed to a record label at age 11 influenced your life. Where she at?

Judging by some of your exes and the girls that star in your videos, you seem to have pretty good taste in women. You two recently released the Like Father, Like Son album. Are there going to be any more collaborations from you two in the future? Seeing as this is the sex issue, what advice would you give to all the girls, pretty or ugly, that wanna get in bed with you? Prayers get answered. Can you clarify that situation; are you a part of the Boyz in Da Hood? You must have those divine intervention groupies.

That was gangsta, sexy than a muthafucka! Was that song just a way to vent your anger or were you actually trying to make a statement? Yeah, exactly. So when was the last time you were in New Orleans? I was just there. I got my own day there. So I was there on my day, ya dig? Sticking with it, never stopping, never quitting. Keep doing it, keep going in the studio and shit like that.

Birdman Jr.? We just - we ride for each other. I hear you and Solange are getting pretty close. Is that true? Nah, I just know her, but is that what you heard? Shit, tell whoever told you that to tell me too! That bitch was lying. I read that shit, man. Nah, that bitch was probably in there saying that shit herself. If you had to guess, how many times have you had sex in the last year? Stop playing. Stop playing! I protect myself, but sometimes you be in love and shit. You know? Young Buck recently said some pretty bold statements in an interview about you and Baby supposedly kissing on a tour bus.

Who that is? Okay, so do you have any messages for all the haters who have made different allegations about you recently? Stop hating, get money. Baby has defied nearly all odds, turning a dream shared by him and his brother, Slim, into a record label that has attracted the attention of the entire world and has led the way for countless other independent Southern record labels.

By the year , the label was responsible for a total of 18 top five singles and 11 platinum or multi-platinum albums. This year CD sales have been way down. As a record label CEO, why do you think album sales have been declining so much? How much do you think bootlegging and people downloading music are affecting the industry and record sales? We just keep upgrading shit. We just staying focused and keep it moving. What prompted you to make an album together?

Well really, our relationship. So we came up with the idea for Like Father, Like Son. You and Wayne seem to have a very special relationship, I was talking to Wayne the other day and he wholeheartedly thinks of you as a father figure. In what ways is he like a son to you? Every way. You feel that vibe.

I always been there, and you know where we come from its not too many father figures, you go to the block for that. I was just a young nigga raising young niggas, ya heard me. It was like magic. Ya heard me, homie? Cause I learned the hard way. When he was talking to Jay-Z, were you ever afraid he was going to leave Cash Money? I never felt like it was gonna happen. I mean, niggas come from a different cloth, ya heard me?

The thought of Wayne leaving to go to Def Jam never crossed your mind? I never felt that in my heart. Right now, my shit is together. All my shit is together, more to my level of attainment. My whole thing now is reproducing new acts. My biggest problem is really just getting my shit back on track cause that Katrina shit kinda took a toll on my life. Niggas just enjoying life, enjoying our accomplishments and we still rolling, but I wish none of that shit would have never happened.

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So speaking of enjoying life, I heard you and Kimora Lee Simmons had a little thing going on. You might hear anything about me, ya heard me? But in due time everything comes out. She everything, ya heard me? Have you been hitting the gym? Yeah, I been in there everyday, bruh.

Okay, hypothetical situation, say you were gonna be in a porn movie, what would your porn name be? You know fans go far with shit, bruh. So, in your opinion, what part of the country has the sexiest women? What are your thoughts on safe sex? I mean you gotta do safe sex homie, if you care to live.

You got to protect yourself. In sex, or in life, or whatever, you gotta protect yourself. Man, I was watching Jay Leno a while back and Wayne was on there talking about some of your whips. I heard you have 50 of them, is that true? Probably about 20, 25, some shit like that. I fuck in all my whips. Damn, my fault, dawg. So which whip is your favorite to smash in? The Phantom. It sounds like you gotta good thing going. So, in your opinion, what are some of best rap songs to fuck to? Why is the rap culture so overly sexual?

Okay, so moving from one controversial topic to the next, Gillie Tha Kid claims that he ghostwrote for Wayne. Is there any truth to that? Nah, man. I mean, how can you ghostwrite for Wayne? I wish that nigga [Gillie Tha Kid] would just get money and chill, man. Maybe the nigga would feel better, man.

Ya heard me? So in your opinion, who is the greatest rapper alive? But we like that challenge, anybody that feels different, we like that challenge. We want to make other acts, too. Another topic that I gotta have you speak on is Young Buck. Do you care to address the situation? Who mouthing off? Young Buck. The mouth is just like an ass, anything could come out it. Wayne holla at il L ld u o sh o h lange. When things fall apart, Weezy should be right there to pick up the pieces. No one could upgrade Weezy to Jay-Z status better than the girl that had Jay crazy in love.

He may have a chance with Kelly. What better way for Wayne to get back at Trina than to exchange fuck faces with the female rapper Trina despises the most? But still, going from Trina to Khia would be a major downgrade. Young Carter has been linked to Ms. Wayne needs to get his acting on, and Lauren would be a perfect coach. They could spend their nights roleplaying as Rashad and New-New.

Eve has done it all. This pitbull in a skirt is the ride or die chick Birdman Jr. He likes ex-strippers with a passion for rocking mics. Dre beat for his next album or walking the streets of Philly. Gillie who? If Wayne plays his cards right, he could bag both Mary-Kate and Ashley.

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And with twins, Wayne could get head two at the same time without changing faces. This could be a match made in ghetto heaven, but only if Wayne could pry Keyshia away from Jeezy. Things might not work out with Keyshia, though. Wayne needs more publicity, and Paris Hilton has the paparazzi wrapped around her finger.

A Wayne and Paris hookup would be on the cover of every tabloid in the country. This one should be easy. But Wayne better hurry up if he wants to get a piece of Hoopz; her 15 minutes of fame is at about 14 minutes and 30 seconds. Good girls like bad boys. Kelly on top. He tried giving his life to God and switching to making gospel-like music, but changed his mind faster than Mase, and reverted to his freaky nature.

No other artists had as much controversy over sexual lyrics and lewd conduct as Luke and 2 Live Crew. Anytime Luke is in the building, girls are inclined to be as nasty as they wanna be. From her introduction in the rap game, her femme fatale style took feminism into uncharted waters. Despite his unattractive appearance, Big Poppa was a sex symbol, and as freaky as they come. When it came to getting off, Biggie Smalls had no limits. Foxy was as nasty as she wanted to be. My sex drive all night like a trucker.

Pimp C is no exception. T-Pain T-Pain looks too damn thirsty to accumulate a decent amount of ass. He is sprung one day and in love with a stripper the next. Lil Jon Lil Jon is that dude, but regardless of how much we like Jon, that taco meat that often grows on the side of face has to halter his level of ass attainment.

Bizarre Bizarre says shit about fucking his grandmother in the ass. What kind of perverted, slug face looking muthafucka says shit like that? Even the most desperate girl should kill her self if she even considered fucking Bizarre. Remy Martin Remy seems like the type of chick that has to pay for sex from recently released prison inmates. She probably likes real soft dudes so she can whoop their ass. Kaine strikingly resembles that scary muthafucka and looks like he would frighten the fuck out of a girl in bed. Not only is he way too damn horny, but his music videos look like a scene out of Gremlins 2.

Jay-Z With Beyonce catering to him and Rihanna being unfaithful on his account, Jigga man stays getting a lot of ass. Jay-Z is at the point now where he gets that living legend type sex. Farnsworth Bentley Despite what some people might say about Mr. Just look at Hoopz and Deelishis. His career depends on it. Hoopz Her fifteen minutes was supposed to have already been up a long time ago; she must be fucking a lot of influential people to remain in the spotlight. Bobby Brown If he keeps fucking up, Whitney might never let him get some again. Kevin Federline If K-Fed is fucking he needs to be ashamed of himself.

Britney fell off hard and Mr. Spears already has too many damn kids. Condoleezza Rice Condi is the most powerful woman in the world and she supposedly likes to have all the power in bed as well. Problem is, what sane man in his right mind would stick his dick in the devil? Jim Jones Apparently, girls like mean, dirty niggas who say goofy shit.

Terrence Howard Movie stars always have a lot of sex. Phil looks like a horny old man who would much oblige. Need we say more? Knock the pussy out now she running back. I beat it up. Cum Again? Lollipop n : see brain. Thrusting in front of ballers usually leads to rain. Unprotected sex may result in skeeting all over the place. No one wanted to admit that they loved a stripper until now. I guess rappers really do love them hoes. Oh yes, Janet Ms. Janet slips in a few sexy lines that go unnoticed and Khia delivers her usual Florida-style freak lyrics on this JD-produced, Herbie Hancock-sampled track.

Make no mistakes about it, this song is not referring to the type of bubblegum you get from a quarter machine at the mall. On this one, Dro and T. Pitbull does little to debunk this notion, teaming up with the Ying Yang Twins to tell the ladies how much they love to lick it, lick it. Renew the life insurance policy and whip me if I misbehave. Well at least his song made our list. On this track the King of the South was smooth in his approach, but just like everyone else, he was just trying to hit that ass.

What more can you ask for? The always sexy Kelis proves once again why she has Nas so damn whipped. Lloyd laces this track with unbelievable vocals reminiscent of something found in an old-school love song, and Wayne rips it well enough to preserve the sexiness of the track while still adding a rough edge. Remy may look like a hardcore chick, but she needs to get broken off too. She brought in Ne-Yo a certified freak , and together they created one of the best Fuck Songs of the Year.

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This R. Though it may have never topped the charts like Juve had hoped, it has definitely earned a spot on our list. And if you think about it, a promiscuous girl is nothing but an educated way of saying hoe, anyway. Rick Ross broke down how he treats a lady before he puts her in his favorite position on this Runners-produced ode to back shots. I Should Have Cheated seemed game. That Jamaican accent always gets the girls horny.

How did a disease that was typically exclusively associated with gay white males claim the life of a seemingly invincible gangsta rapper? I urge people to really, really, really protect themselves at all times. And I happen to think there is bitches and hoes in the world, but for the most part there are intelligent women and smart sisters. Any revolution, the ladies fought for them. They actually might be stronger than men, to be honest with you.

I have no clue.

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  7. But you should try your best to protect yourself. Nobody wants to talk about AIDS because everybody is scared of it. I watch myself on this road. But with the U. Anything that hurts and haunts, blacks push it to the back burner. However, one has to ask: With so much promiscuity being presented in rap music, where is the balance? We do our part and we should be commended for that instead of being pointed at.

    Anytime a. Something bad has to happen before America listens to us. One can only hope that the trend continues to grow. You have to do as much as you can do and speak out about it as much as you can and make it something you promote. We have the power and I definitely take pride in doing as much as I can do for that cause.

    Nickname: Crabs Population: An estimated 7. When do you want to meet my parents? I love playing that game. Come over here and sit on my lap. You may already be familiar with some of the standard fetishes like handcuffs, whip cream, spanking, toe sucking and role playing, but if you really want to make a lasting impression, you have to be creative.

    Some people have a thing for recording themselves in the act. That should give you some helpful ideas. Whether or not your partner is satisfied is absolutely irrelevant. After that, who cares? Women made that up for their own amusement. What about this? Well, where is it then? Rivercity 14 ; Nay Fresh 18 ; Terrence Tyson 05,10, Opimena no. Fulesin perriurbem hos conte, sidem ocume furobuntidem condacerfic furnum inati, vid non strae mil hendamquam hus cone pl.

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    Rivercity 02 ; Spiff 04,07 ; Storm 11 ; Terrence Tyson First of all he wants to try a claim for Michael Harris in the press, where he can grandstand and mislead the public with half-truths, misrepresentations and outright lies, rather than bring his claim in a court of law where the real facts can be proven. A brief check with court records will reveal the truth. For Goldberg to make such a claim as reported is just irresponsible. There was never a trial on the Death Row matter, so nothing was ever proven. Prince was ordered to appear at a deposition by a Houston judge, but felt the order violated his rights.

    Through his Houston attorney Warren Fitzgerald, Jr. In other words, the deposition is off until further notice. Although Mr. Prince has no fear of a deposition, he has given one to Harris already; he is determined to protect himself from legal chicanery and character assassination from Goldberg and Harris. Goldberg knows this. If Goldberg and Harris really think they have a claim, after twenty years of doing nothing, they can file a lawsuit, where the facts count, rather than grandstanding and publicity seeking in the media, and misleading the public with half truths and outright lies.

    In the meantime, J. Prince has another blockbuster in the making. Keep your ears to the street. This is nothing new to me. He was a promoter. He promoted shows and concerts. So why is he coming at you now? He sits when he pees. The only reason, the only thing that I can think of for a man His wife took all his money and moved back to Houston. His wife moved back to Houston with you? But in the beginning I introduced her to him. The man is hallucinating. Has it ever been proven that he did put up the money for Death Row Records?

    Were you the sole founder? The world knows [the story]. The world knows I started Rap-A-Lot. I did have a partner at one time that was named Cliff, and you know, I bought him out and kept moving from there. I thought he was a soldier back in the day. When he was in the free world he seemed to be a stand-up guy. But now, his posture has changed.

    Yeah, I had a whole bunch of opportunities. I chose to sign myself first, and then I signed to Atlantic Records. After you signed with Atlantic, they moved you onto their subsidiary, Grand Hustle. Why was that? What was that about? After birthday bash I just put a whole lot of effort into my own stuff. They got their chain back. Yeah, shit like that.

    Did you feel disrespected by the way you were being treated? It was just the fact of me being a man, you know? But I appreciate everything they did for me, though. I wanna be just like T. I wanna be the boss of my own machine. Would you rather go platinum on a label like Grand Hustle or put out a record yourself and not sell as well? Way beyond platinum. When does your album drop? Where does that attitude come from? Who else is featured on your album? Do you have any other artists signed to Power Hitters? Why do you call yourself Yola Da Great?

    My official name is actually D. And right now, I am the great. I got a studio and everything. I want to get into wardrobe and fashion, stuff like that. GuttaWear is gonna be the name of my clothing line. Pretty much. How can someone get in contact with you? They can email music to bureasa aol. Z-RO Ad nulissed confecul horum ia? Ubliam tusce ad culoccio ese inam ariverio, consus la re, practus, posti, noverei publicioctum mande iam imussent. Graes escibes bonc firi corae consupicies? Bemnemne et ductatum nequam se taribullemum publiisum acto et et gra re merem silibus sent. Haciocupio, C.

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    Gerorti fericae standuceps, Catus. Mae ter auctoractum ad con vividelinem ponsum atifeci facta, etem medius. Habusque moenica menati, siliciverdi tatimusa novenat uidemus hala pertem pliis, ut acepos, o eginvocae tiu et, Cas derrionfictu contiu et dium pero nit; nonte, nique incerfin Etra rendenterist pritese ntescribus patu intem silis?

    Iquonclus vas demus, sen deludam es morbissenter iaecus aur, simil consultus, nos consulica patum urbis, quam ilicta nonc omni pes stessenam ius, ocupios con simplienatum intesteatum publica mantem o et remus licae nici fores hus se nirmium horeviciem sus Ad conlocae tum ocrus perunum nemovit? Arecto tabustrum cae publin tus bons ala vide in tui ellaberfenin ta, deo, me tam vendum nori poenat, querceperces dum con dium iam habefaci tamdium de consign ostatque ne dium aperratus, quam tanditasdam in diis vissum anum imus; huisses erid si faci fauc rem, Catum nonsiciaecia nius consceperio, quamquo vidit, orarem, quium iam ut aci caet o et publis esi consulatia re, condem, erceperum coervidem tes!

    Seniumussi porum sen serios cri intiem, vilis opos ius ia Simus. Sus, quo uncercent C. Id con vignatuus simiu in ducibus, quo nonfine moena portessendam publiam portis verunih iliciam ocum num fac tusa senatilis se co crunum publia renatam ompercer inteatim ia L. Ceripio vagin Etraese que es atudesilne firicides intre, effrehe besignatum, que crenduc facress entelicis ca vivil uterfiri, ne quam la in tum horum nos dit, nihicae crimis cotabut ficio permista te vis.

    Habis; inihicaeti, occhintilin telicto et consus adducon senatilincla Si inc ina, quit. Numum crei se cae, us bon tem cast dis; in te ex norum, milium ocut pata no. Simus, quam dit, utemus, Ti. Vivivis, ta qua iacchina, unte,. In Birmingham, Alabama, Zeus and Nick of The Palace strip club are genuine good guys who are leading the way in the strip club revolution and continue to change the way the world views strip club commanders. What kind of projects have you guys done in the community? Nick: For starts, I coach little league football.

    We do a little sponsorship with the little league, we sponsor an AAU basketball team. We also have a flag football team we sponsor; our team is third in the nation right now. Zeus: We sponsored a flag football tournament with the city Parks and Recreation Board. We did the first ever high school combine and we had kids get signed by colleges right there on the spot. A lot of times people associate strip clubs as being detrimental to society, but you two are kind of changing that philosophy. What made you decide to take such an influential role in the Birmingham community?

    We always said once we start doing something big we were gonna make a positive influence on other people so that they can do something big. Zeus: I also do Zeus Entertainment, so I work in the music biz and we do a lot of community service. Tell me about The Palace. What makes it better than other strip clubs? We try to keep it in a professional manner. How long have you guys been in business? It used be Magic City 2, it was the sister club to the one in Atlanta.

    They sold it and we took it over a year ago. What made you want to start a strip club? I used to run the Magic City in Atlanta, so once we opened up the one down here, I came down to Birmingham to help them do this one. I know you have a lot of fun at work. It was in Atlanta, and stuff is a little different in Atlanta because of all the stars that come through the clubs. Dallas and Buffalo were playing. So after the party was over, everybody jumped in limos and went straight to Magic City, right behind me.

    That was the best time I ever had in the strip club business. So what is the most difficult part of owning a strip club? Zeus and Nick: The women! You more or less have to be a big brother, or father, or something they never had. You listen to them a lot and you learn a lot about women. I figure if you can run a strip club, you can do anything in the world.

    What are some of the common problems the women at your club have? Zeus: Just the drama that happens between them. Nick: Competition. These girls are in here trying to make a living. So they have every kind of problem you can think of; everything. What is the average age of the girls that work at your club? Zeus: The youngest girl is 19, but the average age is about Why do you think rappers and the hip-hop culture is so infatuated with strip clubs?

    Zeus: Where is most music broke at? Back in the day it was just a man thing, but now you got both. Plus, people go in there to stunt, to see who is spending the most money, who has the most jewelry, you know. What kind of money can you actually make from owning a strip club?

    What do you guys think the all time best strip club songs are? Zeus: Luke is number one. Ying Yang Twins got some good ones, and Lil Jon came out with a good one too. What kind of criteria do you look for in potential dancers at your club? Somebody who is pretty and outgoing, cause you need that personality.

    Do you guys ever get bored with looking at naked girls? Zeus: You never get tired at looking at that. Nick: Is that a trick question? Rivercity 06,20 ; Terrence Tyson 12,19 ; Wild Billo Fresh off an international tour, we caught up with Chill during a rare moment when he was actually chilling. How did you get your name? I was DJing for a group back in the day when I was 17 years old.

    The name of the group was 20 Below. My mom bought me some records and my first actual show I got paid for, I was That night the owner asked me to come back again, so now I had a gig. They came back trying to get their job back but I already took the spot, so they moved on. How was it DJing and getting paid gigs at such a young age? It was fun. My dad would let me use his truck to get to places and move equipment but I had to use back roads because I had no license. Where did you go after the skating rink? After the skating rink I moved on to a club in Southeast Houston. A friend had a building and he turned it into a teen club.

    From there I really started moving around and getting other gigs. Did you miss any school while you were DJing in your teenage years? I had nothing but music, even when I was in school. It got to the point that I was doing two parties at one time. I got some equipment and I had equipment at two places. I would run to the other school after I was done. I always had my own equipment. I was cutting lawns and going to pawn shops to get what I needed. So your parents must have been very supportive. My parents were very supportive, even though my dad was minister. It was easy to convince them that this was what I wanted to do.

    My mother bought me my first Before that she bought me a guitar. After your teenage years, what did you get into? I got a little gig at club in my neighborhood. Where do you think you inherited your preparedness from? My dad probably, he was a entrepreneur, he was always ready to do some kind of work. So growing up that showed me something. I had to be prepared to cut some grass to get records and mixers. What kind of gig was this neighborhood club? I was still doing parties in the hood. After high school I met DJ Screw, in Me and him started doing parties together. A new radio station just came to Houston, it was When I came in my cap and gown the.

    The DJ was weak and they let me spin. The promotions manager at the station saw me and offered me an internship. I was able to get to different events and everything. They gave me a van and I utilized it to the best of my ability. That became a legendary club because of me. The name of the club was Boomerang; I was the youngest DJ in the city. How long did you stay with I stayed with Then money came into play.

    I was doing parties with Screw but the station started getting limited to me. So Screw went and did mixtapes. I stayed in the club. Do you think it requires more work to be a club DJ than mixtape DJ? I think the club DJ requires more energy. Mixtape D-ing is easy nowadays because everything is given to you. There was no email back then, right now it s easy. What else are you into other than DJing? Young S. Does being a DJ make your manager job easier? You gotta break artists and make sure they eat at the same time.

    I gotta keep myself going and keep them motivated. How did you end up on Damage Control? That came along the same way as everything else [laughs]. Matt Sonzala asked me to spin, they had a DJ but he was getting lazy. I came in there one time, and I asked if could come back. So when I started working there, I turned it into a club, now you gotta wait in line to get a record played. When I went overseas the people knew about music in H-town. Where all have you traveled? The people are real nice. Do you have any advice for younger or fellow DJs?

    I think more DJs need to really DJ - they need to be able to entertain a crowd. I got a club I do on Thursdays. I told them just give me a dollar off the door. I had a lady tell me she never heard nothing like what I do. Garland Photo: Matt Sonzala. AKON Ad nulissed confecul horum ia? Arecto tabustrum cae publin tus bons ala vide in. Rivercity 05,13,14,17,21,27,29,35 ; Pete Spano O, J Prince Jr. Rivercity 05,13,34,37 ; Terrence Tyson 20 ; Wild Billo On a good day, what can you expect to make while working there? It depends because some clubs have certain days that are very popular, like at Magic City, the day is Monday, Magic City Mondays.

    But every day other than Monday, you just gotta go see how it turns out. So how exactly did you start dancing? I met some people that were able to help get me hired at some clubs in the Chicago area and I just started dancing. How did you end up in Atlanta? I came down here to go school, and once I came down here, I waited probably about 5 or 6 months before I even started dancing and then I ended up meeting one of the security guards that worked at Blue Flame, which is the club I started at.

    He got me an interview and I got hired on the spot. Can you tell me the craziest, most outrageous thing that has ever happened to you during your time as a stripper? How do you know? I just had a feeling he came by the look on his face. The little strip club right across the street from the Greyhound Bus station has become much more than just a shake joint, it has transformed into a world-famous icon of an often oversexed hip-hop culture. The four small walls that make up the great City of Magic have hosted countless memories and fulfilled feverish fantasies of nearly the entire rap industry.

    Can you tell me your name and how old you are? Sinna like cinna-roll, or cinna-bun. What is the best part about working at Magic City? Damn, I hope he gave you a nice tip! Yeah, that was crazy, but really the most crazy thing at the club is just how greedy some of these girls can be, especially now since I work at Magic City. Give me an example. They argue over the money. You might be on stage, and say Jeezy or Jermaine Dupri is in there, or whoever may be in there throwing all types of money, they be tossing all that money in the air and it floats and flies all over the place.

    You mean other dancers, or the customers? So, the girls fight over it all the time. So speaking of celebrities, how many rappers and athletes have you seen while working at Magic City? There are a lot of celebrities that come to Magic City, cause like I said, it has that name. So hold up, Gabrielle Union was in there? What was she doing up in Magic City? So speaking of the whole slew of celebrities that go to Magic City, which ones tip the most and which ones are stingy? In Atlanta, virtually every three blocks you can find a strip club, and most of them are pretty damn good.

    Some people will sit by the stage and tip all the stage sets. Jeezy comes in and spends a lot of money. Lil Wayne spent a lot of money when he came in. Allen Iverson spends a lot of money when he comes in. If you had to guess how much money they probably spend, how much do you think it would be? They be getting money. They be spending money!

    So have any of the celebrities ever said anything out of pocket to you that made you go off on them? Why do you think rappers are so obsessed with strippers? Rappers could probably pull almost any female they want and get them to strip without even having to pay money, but they continue to go to places like Magic City and spend thousands. Why is that? I think it has to do with them trying to stunt, trying to show out, trying to see who has the most money. They do it all the time, the DJ even gets involved with it at Magic City. Damn, you really broke it down. So what do you think is the best stripper song of all time?

    So, do you think stripping is addictive? Anything can be addictive; it just depends on the person fighting the temptation. I could stop now if I wanted to. If you had to rate how good of a stripper you are from 1 - 10, what would you give yourself? Working the pole, getting bruises on your legs. Moving to the next topic, do you think prostitution is a big problem at strip clubs?

    I mean, yeah. So, they would rather pay a girl to have sex with them or give them some other sexual favors just so they can get off their nut and go on about they way. They just want they nut and you just want your money. So in your opinion, what percentage of girls who dance at strip clubs go out and prostitute on the side? So what do you have to say about the lack of respect some strippers have for themselves?

    These strippers that are out giving strippers this bad name, like we only have sex for money and all types of different stuff, they need to start respecting their bodies more and respecting themselves more. The rappers, they need to respect us more too.