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Interesting Times by Big Quiet. Jangly, slick pop rock has shades of early Bangles and the Pandoras. The UK feminist post-hardcore band take a more internally-focused, less straightforward approach on their new LP.

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In Condemnation by Pandemix. Bandcamp Album of the Day Feb 27, Bandcamp Album of the Day Dec 6, This excellent EP swings from lurching post-hardcore to shadowy dark rock, anchored by a shattering vocal performance. Explore music.

Shipwreck by To The Last Drop. Klaus Zimmermann. Thanks for purchasing, thanks for caring. Never walk alone, always sing along!


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Substances like ketchup and other sauces, for example, are mostly made of water. And these water molecules tend to stick to each other more than they stick to the plastic bottle, he says. In other words, they have high surface tension.