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Warburg, Gerald Felix. Wardropper, Ian. Watson, Andrew McDonald. Watson, F. Wehle, Harry B. Weinhardt, Carl J. Wills, Margaret. Winternitz, Emanuel. Wittkower, Rudolf. Wolk-Simon, Linda, and Carmen C. Bambach, with contributions by Stijn Alsteens, George R. Goldner, Perrin Stein, and Mary Vacarro.

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History of France (Audiobook)

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Appleby, John H. Arnold, Janet. Part II. Howat, Weston J. Naef, Edwin M. T he Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin , v. Baetjer, Katharine, and J. Links, with essays by J. Baetjer, Katharine, ed. Watteau, Music, and Theater. Bagemihl, Rolf. Bareau, Juliet Wilson.

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Luxury in the Eighteenth Century

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The Maritime Communities of Colonial Massachusetts, — By Christine Leigh Heyrman. By Mitchell Robert Breitwieser. Diary of an Oxford Methodist: Benjamin Ingham — Edited by Richard P. British Parliamentary Parties — The Bells of Victory. By Richard Middleton. By Cissie Fairchilds. By Steven L. Portugal — By David Francis.

By Orest Subtelny. Edited by Steven L. By Peter C. Selected Letters and Journals of George Crabbe. Edited by Thomas C. Faulkner , with the assistance of Rhonda L. Edited by Patrizia Nerozzi Bellman. By Daniel Cottom. Memoire of Frances, Lady Douglas. By Lady Louisa Stuart. Edited and introduced by Jill Rubenstein.

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A Voyage to Abyssinia Translated from the French. By Samuel Johnson. Edited by Joel J. A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. Edited with an introduction and notes by J. Samuel Johnson: Pictures and Words. Papers presented at a Clark Library Seminar, 23 October By Paul Alkon and Robert Folkenflik.

By Barbara Maria Stafford. Grandison's Heirs. By Gerard A. Extracted from the Journals and edited with an introduction by M. Brief und Briefwechsel im Jahrhundert als Quellen der Kulturbeziehungsforschung, 2. Le Manage de Figaro. Critical Guides to French Texts. By Robert Niklaus.

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