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A candid conversation with our three CRN Women of the Channel honorees

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Tara talks with entrepreneurs from across industries and business models. Click here to view over candid conversations. The What Works Network is a private community for experienced small business owners who want to explore what works and connect with other driven entrepreneurs.

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MS: Well, I think it is as important but as the company grows it becomes more complicated, it becomes more difficult but I think that there is a revolution and we have seen that revolution especially in consumer technology and consumer apps where you start with the user experience and you build from there and I think the iPhone and the iOS and the iPad and the modern operating systems are a good example of democratised good technology and built in a way that is designed by the way people want to work rather than by what technology can do.

And I think that it is a critical element for every business and for them to figure out how to always have that feedback loop with their customer and that it is so close to our mission in being a customer service company, that we really believe that there is a strategic importance for every company in the World and therefore we of course take it tremendously seriously.

What Works | Candid Conversations About Running A Small Business

Do you see these early employees going on to do their own stuff part of the legacy or are you still keen to keep them on board? NM: What about yourself?

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How do your supress your urge? Do you ever have the urge to just do it all again?

How To Get Customers - Local Business Marketing

To just start something new? How do you manage to stop yourself from exploring those new ideas? But do you ever see a day when companies can stay in Europe, can stay in Copenhagen even? Do you see a day where that could happen or do you always think that ultimately the Valley is going to be the focal point that everyone gets drawn to?

Let People Be Themselves

NM: So, I saw the acuqisition of Zopim as really key to the whole piece and selling it as a stabndalone service, and that it would be a challenge selling it as the live chat seperately where as before it was included in the product, so I wondered how did that go and is it a challenge? MS: So, we basically provide all of our customers with the free version of Zopim so they have the basic functionality, its more if you want to take it to the next level and do more sophisticated things that you buy that as an additional product.

But it is a very advanced product and it can do a lot of very different things so it makes sense to not embed the price of that in the Zendesk price and just make Zendesk more expensive but that you can buy it as an add on. So, finally I felt that one of your biggest challeneges would not neccesarily be able getting more customers but would be about the battle for talent. So as far as I understood it, the need for high quality sales people who could attract big enterprise clients was absolutely key to the futre of Zendesk, so close was I on that and is that battle for talent something that you have faced and how have you gone about that?

Yes, definitely, we have to continue to invest in and grow sales and I think we have been very succesful in hiring in this area for the organisation so far.