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They chart stocks, bonds, and commodities, studying past price action to determine future price trends, in order to reduce the odds against the investor. In lotto number handicapping, we analyze the past action of the common winning lottery numbers to help us determine which numbers have the greatest probability of being drawn. So, the basis of our lottery strategy is to play the probabilities—or, to play that which is most likely to happen.

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If something rarely or never happens in lottery drawings, or if something has never happened before in the history of lotto drawings, shouldn't common sense tell you not to expect it to happen for the very first time just because you bet on it? For example, six consecutive numbers such as have never been drawn in any state or international lotto game.

It is highly unlikely that, if it has never happened before, it will happen this week just because you put your money on it! Our common sense lottery formula tells you not to play six consecutive numbers on one game panel. Many people play a lotto number because they think it's "due. That simply is not true. In New York, Lotto number 45 sat out drawings without a single win. There have been several Lotto games in which a lotto number has gone more than 70 games without a hit. So, it would be pointless to play the same six numbers week after week, year after year, because you think they are "due" to hit.

1. Lotto Game Selection

Would you bet your money on a racehorse that had lost the past 50 races, thinking he's "due" to win? Of course not! Advantage Gold software automates the process of choosing the best numbers to play, so it's easier than ever. Using a lottery wheel is very important for improving your odds. Our wheeling systems take your selected larger group of numbers and arrange them into combinations that will guarantee you win a prize! They are the most important tools a lottery player can use to get immediate odds improvement.

Asian Nerd's "Expert" Strategy in Winning the Lottery Jackpot ($1 Billion+)

These lottery systems allow you to choose a large group of lotto numbers which are placed in a scientifically determined lotto pattern on your bet slips to give you a specific win guarantee. If you trap the six five or four winning lottery numbers in the large group of lotto numbers you have chosen, you are guaranteed to win at least one specific prize which varies depending on the win guarantee of the chosen wheel.

But you could win several lottery prizes, or even the first prize jackpot —as dozens of our big lottery winners already have. Winning several lotto prizes all at once make these lotto systems exciting, fun and profitable to use. To get the best chance of winning the easiest games, use these pick-5 wheels in Wheel Five Gold lottery software.

Or, if you prefer bigger jackpot games, choose the pick-6 and pick-7 wheels in Wheel Six Gold to help you improve your odds of winning more prizes! For best results, use Advantage Gold together with a wheeling program that works for the pick-size of your game like Wheel Five Gold for the easiest to win pick-5 games. If you're still confused about which products can help you tackle strategy and wheeling for the game you play, see our Lottery Products Guide.

Lotto Game Selection 2. Lotto Number Selection 3.

How to Play (and Win) the Powerball and Mega Millions Lottery

Problem The most common lottery numbers people play are birth dates, ages, "lucky" numbers, and Quick Picks. Solution It's time to try lottery systems that can improve your "luck" , so you can win cash prizes in your favorite lottery games. Lotto Game Selection Game selection is simply choosing to play the lotto game with the lowest odds - which means the game with the smallest number field.

About Lotto Games Lotto is traditionally a game in which the player chooses six lottery numbers from a larger group of lotto numbers. Choose the Best Game to Play In addition to the multi-state Powerball and Mega Millions games, most states have at least two of their own lotto games. Lotto Number Selection Lottery number selection involves choosing the lottery numbers which have the best chance of being drawn as winners.

About Handicapping Many people would not bet a bundle on a horse without first studying its past performance. Playing the Probabilities. The chances of winning are based on the number of possible combinations of these numbers, often in the millions. But Mandel caught on to something: In certain lottos, the total number of possible ticket combinations was significantly lower than the jackpot. This would yield 3,, possible number combinations calculator here. How would he get the capital?

And how could he possibly fill out hundreds of thousands of tickets, number by number? They managed to win 12 lotteries and rake in k smaller prizes across Australia and the UK.

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So, he set his sights on much bigger feat — one that would make international headlines and boggle the minds of lottery officials around the world. It was fairly new, and allowed buyers to purchase tickets in unlimited quantities and print them at home.

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  4. But most importantly, its numbers only ranged from 1 to 44 other states went as high as In a Melbourne warehouse, he set up 30 computers and 12 laser printers, and hired 16 full-time employees to print 7m tickets pre-populated with every combination — a process that took 3 months. With the tickets secured in Virginia, Mandel had to wait until the jackpot hit a number that would make financial sense after taxes, overhead, and paying off investors.

    A state lottery prize typically begins in the low millions and increases every time a drawing goes by with no winner. The hard part was yet to come. He then lined up advance deals with Virginia-based retail chains to buy the tickets in bulk.


    Lottery Strategies

    All he needed was a point-person on the ground to orchestrate the mayhem. For this task, Mandel turned to an esteemed associate by the name of Anithalee Alex. He was ready for action — any action. The job was harrowing: He was to coordinate the drop-off, payment, and processing of 7m lottery tickets at hundreds of stores all over Virginia. This meant that he and his team had just 72 hours to pull it off. For 2-straight days, the couriers methodically descended on gas stations and supermarkets. At Farm Fresh, Miller Mart, and Tinee Giant locations throughout the region, flummoxed store clerks were asked to buy and process millions of algorithmically-generated lotto tickets.

    A representative at Farm Fresh, who bought 2. By Saturday evening, the team was nearing completion.

    Why Predicting March Madness Upsets Is so Challenging

    Then, disaster struck. When the deadline for entry arrived, only 5. Like a regular lottery, winning the jackpot would ultimately come down to luck.

    Even if Mandel were to win, there was the possibility of multiple winners — a scenario that could significantly dilute the jackpot. At PM on February 15th, the numbers were drawn on live television. I nearby warehouse, Alex and his team frantically rifled through 5.