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The objective of this guide is to describe the present use, application and characteristic of selecting various inventory planning methods, and to explain how the methods are applied by the supply chain professionals. Lastly, stocktaking is an important process in managing slow-moving stock.

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You can surely benefit from picking one from my Book and Course review blogs here. What are the challenges? What improvements have done by you on this network? Types of Raw Materials you have sourced? Have you ever gone with imports or has he been managing local purchases? Read this blog which will help you to answer this question. Well, I hope we all enjoyed the Supply Chain Interview Questions, and have learned a thing or two about supply chain. My desire is to give every Supply Chain Professional a better view of what they will possibly face in their next supply chain interview.

If you have more Supply Chain Interview Questions or additions to make, feel free to add them. I am open to learning, and welcome new ideas too!! Lastly, if after reading this blog you are wondering you should search for your next supply chain move for bigger and better things, you should watch my vlog below or other videos! Dear Dr. Thanks for the comments.

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I had red the article about the 23 questions for supply chain interview for Dr. Muddassir Ahmed and found it not only useful for professional Procurement managers…indeed it is helpful in creating such professional managers…it is very informative easy to understand and use in a supply chain and procurements practical life…I just love it and certainly it is going to help me and others….

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