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The weapon is very much an extension of de Jong as she develops as a character. But, Mackenzie says, she can't rely on it all the time. De Jong must learn to live without a gun at times; otherwise, life would be simply too easy. South Africa's commercial capital, Johannesburg, is the setting for the last installment of our summer crime fiction series Crime in the City.

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Writer Jassy MacKenzie started life across the border in Zimbabwe, but moved to Johannesburg as a child, and she is now a passionate champion of that city. She describes Johannesburg as a mixture of Africa and the Wild West. I love the energy of Johannesburg. People are open. She's a private investigator. And I wanted to make her a renegade character. I wanted Jade to be the epitome, really, of Johannesburg, which is a place where a lot of people don't usually abide the law quite enough.

Jade de Jong, daughter of a former police officer, kicks the proverbial, in her own inimitable way, taking on crime and criminals in very different parts of Johannesburg. She has killer genes, and she often likes to dispense her own form of justice, even if that means that she gets rid of the bad guys right on her own, without involving the police at all.

QUIST-ARCTON: Jade de Jong's first case is a woman found murdered in her car, after dark, outside the home she has just sold - a suspected hijacking, or something more, in a secluded smallholding, on the fringes of Johannesburg, almost in the countryside. It's where the author, MacKenzie, herself lives.

Pale Horses: A Jade de Jong Mystery, #4

And all this in security-conscious South Africa, where violent crime rates remain high. Listen to part of the opening passage of the book. Her car's tires crunched on the sand driveway, and the brakes squeaked as she pulled to a hurried halt outside the tall, metal gate. The lead Alsatian snarled at his followers.

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Hey, boys. Just a minute, and I'll be inside. MACKENZIE: We are driving down a road where I imagined that the opening scene from "Random Violence" could very easily have taken place, surrounded by farmland, a lot of empty fields, long grass, the occasional house in the distance. And I'm choosing this one because it has a lovely view to it. In fact, we're almost at the time of year where "Random Violence" was set, where the long, yellow-brown grass is dry and the night comes early and is dark.

But it's daytime, and as we drive around, there's nothing obviously sinister in the air. Dramatic blue skies and a few fluffy white clouds dominate the horizon. But don't be fooled by appearances, warns MacKenzie, about the seemingly bucolic outskirts of Johannesburg.

Crooked stallion back on track due Straightness Training - Marijke de Jong

MACKENZIE: In this rural setting, where everything is so quiet and tranquil, you would think that it would be peaceful, but actually, there is an undercurrent of menace and there's an air of fear, just because it is so desolate and because, if crime does happen, you're far away from any help. She's really a perfect girl for the big, bad city of Joburg. And once you get under Johannesburg's skin, it's the most incredible city. It's a very likeable place, and it's a place that has a lot of heart. And I think, similarly, the same can be said for my heroine Jade. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

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Processing Please Don't Refresh the Page. Browse Books. Learn More. Play Sample. Give as a Gift Send this book as a Gift! Jade asked for another mineral water. Nothing, thanks. Please, at least let me tell you. But you need to hear the whole thing to understand. There was. What we did was a game.

We took a calculated risk. Jade saw his hands were shaking. What happened?

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At night. From Sandton Views. Sixty-eight storeys. Not a legitimate activity at all. The adrenaline rush, you know? She knew.

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Although parachuting from tall buildings was not her chosen hobby, she was all too familiar with the thrill of doing the forbidden, the dangerous. Theron took a mouthful of his Coke and then told her more of his story, speaking in rapid bursts. Maybe she took a phone call, or her phone beeped, or something. Or maybe not. It was dark up there and I was focused on other things. At any rate, she turned away from the edge.

Jo’burg’s Best: The Jade de Jong novels of Jassy Mackenzie

Then she told me to go ahead and jump, and that she would follow me down. For me, anyway. Takes a lot of guts. Turning away. Besides, I wanted to go first, so that if there were any problems with the landing, I could get them out of the way. Make it safer for her. One minute I was standing on the lawn down below, packing up my chute, and the next minute. I heard her before I saw her. Heard the chute flapping—a partly opened parachute makes a horrible sound.

I sprinted over to where she was going to hit the ground, to try and break her fall, but I was too late. Watched him blink rapidly. A tragic accident. A partly opened parachute and a dead woman who had either lost her nerve and flubbed the jump or else simply been unlucky. Jade frowned. What had really happened up there after he had jumped was more than likely a secret that Sonet had taken to her grave. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Condition: New. Language: English. Brand new Book. But Sonet's jumping partner insists this was no accident, and he hires private investigator Jade de Jong to uncover the truth.

Hardcore With A Heart: Joburg Thrillers Star A Spunky P.I.

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