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When you get in touch with the soul consciousness, you become aware that other people also have a soul, and you communicate with that. All the separation is totally artificial. All spiritual knowledge is not cognition. The discovery of yourself and the discovery of God will eventually be parallel movements. You fall deeper into yourself. You fall deeper into God. You fall deeper into God, you have permission to fall deeper into yourself. We only have twenty-four hours in a day. So you have a choice to walk with wise people and stack up more wisdom. Or you can become a companion of fools and your life will unravel.

We need the crisis. There are two levels of truth. I think life is a process. You wake up. Then you wake up some more. One self dies.

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Another is born. Purpose is dynamic. Purpose continues to be applied throughout your life. Because your gifts, your talents, and your abilities that are given to you by God remain consistent throughout your life. But how you apply that changes as you live life from one level to another and you go through stages of life. And not only okay, but necessary. Which of these perspectives resonates with you? Do you have thoughts on your own life purpose? If so, please share in the comments. You can read all of my book summaries here.

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Oprah believes in creating space so you can hear life speaking to you. Oprah believes in starting with a single question about what you believe.

A Path with Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life

We just have to understand the game and work hard to get good at it. On step one, the fog is all up in our shit, thick and close and clogging our senses, leaving us going through life unconscious. Down here, the thoughts, values, and priorities of the Higher Being are completely lost in the blinding fog and the deafening roaring, tweeting, honking, howling, and squawking of the animals in our heads.

This makes us 1 small-minded, 2 short-sighted, and 3 stupid.

The fog explains all kinds of totally illogical and embarrassingly short-sighted human behavior. One way this stupidity shows up is in us making the same obvious mistakes over and over and over again. You go back to the nutritionist, who gives you the same advice, so you try it again and the same thing happens.

That would probably be it right? And on step 1, this is completely true of course, given that trying to become permanently happier while in the fog is like trying to dry your body off while standing under the shower with the water running. But I refuse to believe the same species that builds skyscrapers, writes symphonies, flies to the moon, and understands what a Higgs boson is is incapable of getting off the treadmill and actually improving in a meaningful way. I think the way to do it is by learning to climb this consciousness staircase to spend more of our time on steps two, three, and four, and less of it mired unconsciously in the fog.

If you show an animal a tree, they see a tree. There are plenty of activities or undertakings that can help thin out your fog. To name three:. This is what a journal can help with, or therapy, which is basically examining your own brain with the help of a fog expert.

The way to move onto step two is by remembering to stay aware of the context behind and around what you see, what you come across, and the decisions you make. Some examples—. When the small-minded animal emotions are less in our face, the more advanced emotions of the Higher Being—love, compassion, humility, empathy, etc. Step three is when things start to get weird. Facts can be fascinating, but only in a Whoa moment does your brain actually wrap itself around true reality.

And a Whoa moment is how you get to step three. I love Whoa moments. They make me feel some intense combination of awe, elation, sadness, and wonder.

Lessons from the Universe® with Jennifer Hall

More than anything, they make me feel ridiculously, profoundly humble—and that level of humility does weird things to a person. In those moments, all those words religious people use—awe, worship, miracle, eternal connection—make perfect sense. This is when I feel spiritual. And in those fleeting moments, there is no fog—my Higher Being is in full flow and can see everything in perfect clarity. The normally-complicated world of morality is suddenly crystal clear, because the only fathomable emotions on step three are the most high-level.

Any form of pettiness or hatred is a laughable concept up on step three—with no fog to obscure things, the animals are completely naked, exposed for the sad little creatures that they are. But the emotions and the clarity of step three are so powerful, that even after you topple off the step, some of it sticks around. Each time you humiliate the animals, a little bit of their future power over you is diminished. But step three is supposed to be total, fog-free clarity on truth—so how could there be another step?

If we ever reach the point where we think we thoroughly understand who we are and where we came from, we will have failed. The game so far has for the most part been clearing out fog to become as conscious as possible of what we as people and as a species know about truth:. Never have. On the religious side, we invent myths and proclaim them as truth—and even a devout religious believer reading this who stands by the truth of their particular book would agree with me about the fabrication of the other few thousand books out there.

Having our understanding of reality overturned by a new groundbreaking discovery is like a shocking twist in this epic mystery novel humanity is reading, and scientific progress is regularly dotted with these twists—the Earth being round, the solar system being heliocentric, not geocentric, the discovery of subatomic particles or galaxies other than our own, and evolutionary theory, to name a few.

Of course, Kelvin was as wrong as every other arrogant scientist in history—the theory of general relativity and then the theory of quantum mechanics would both topple science on its face over the next century. Which, to me, sounds like this:. Is it everything? Is it one tiny bubble in a multiverse frothing with bubbles?

And we know about the Big Bang, but was that the beginning of everything? How about String Theory, which claims to be the secret to unifying the two grand but seemingly-unrelated theories of the physical world, general relativity and quantum mechanics? And the thing is, everything I just mentioned is still within the realm of our understanding.

Ten Axioms to Guide Your Life

Probably almost everything. There are really two options when thinking about the big, big picture: be humble or be absurd. Given my default outlook that I have a small handful of decades left and then an eternity of nonexistence, the fact that we might be totally wrong sounds tremendously hopeful to me. But could a super-advanced force exist? It seems more than likely. So what does that do for me as a human? Well remember that powerful humility I mentioned in step three? It multiples that by For reasons I just discussed, it makes me feel more hopeful. The way step four can serve humanity is by helping to crush the notion of certainty.

7 LIFE PATH: The Seeker

We should be united in our uncertainty, not divided over fabricated certainty.