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When choosing make and model for a new aircraft, the top three factors operators consider are brand experience, aircraft performance and cabin size. Police Use of Drones 11 A new report by the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College found that state and local first-responder agencies have bought drones in recent years, two-thirds of them law enforcement.

Agencies in counties in every state except Rhode Island now have drones, and many have multiple agencies with the technology. Primarily, they are being used to find people who need help in locations traditionally difficult for humans to navigate with conventional vehicles.

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The Bard study found most agencies with drones did not previously have aerial capability, and 80 percent of those that do now also fly a manned aircraft. Airbus and Boeing Supplier numbers 12 Boeing takes in more than a billion parts a year from its supply chain. Airbus counts 12, suppliers from more than countries. Follow ASA. About Us. Board of Directors. Illegal Use of Logo.

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Annual Conference. Online Training. Annual Conference ASA Publications. FAA Publications. Conference Announcements. Forgot Password. The U. Over the past few years the attractiveness of the H-1B program, which was designed to bolster U. According to U. Citizens and Immigration Services, in April it received about 8, H-1B petitions from businesses, the first month the agency accepts them for the fiscal year beginning Oct.

That compares with 16, petitions in April and about 45, in April Connected to this decline may be the exploitation of these workers in the U.

The moment such employee is terminated his employer revokes the Labor Condition Application LCA ; therefore, the employee must immediately return to his home country—there is no grace period. When such employee loses the job, he becomes an illegal immigrant who lacks legal standing. Once he leaves the U. An aggrieved employee can wage complaints to the U.

Department of Labor by filing a form WH4. In many cases, when a WH4 investigation is ensued, the employer terminates the employee, and revokes the LCA retrospectively, despite it being illegal to do so.

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Consequently, the employee becomes an illegal immigrant subject to deportation, which also jeopardizes his re-entry to the U. Thus, an illegal termination of an H-1B employee causes irreparable harm that prevents him from seeking remedy under Title VII. A recent case may promise a remedy. In Karakozova v. University of Pittsburgh , the plaintiff was employed as a Research Assistant on H-1B visa and had a contract to work in her current position until June 14, On January 23, her supervisor sent her a letter stating that her contract would end on June 14 due to insufficient funding.

Granting a preliminary injunction, the 3rd Circuit Court stayed the case while plaintiff pursued her claims before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and through the University grievance appeal processes. And More?

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The potential revival of territoriality [01 Oct ] - Tax Treaty Monitor: Tax Treaty News [01 Oct ] - The new United Kingdom-France tax treaty [01 Oct ] - Treaty shopping in Canada : the door is still open [01 Oct ] - Sourcing profits for Hong Kong tax purposes : the jurisprudence of the Court of Final Appeal [01 Oct ] - South Africa-Germany treaty and the secondary tax on companies [01 Aug ] - Tax treatment of employee stock options in Belgium [01 Aug ] - Belgian withholding taxes on outbound dividends and interest : the challenge of Community law [01 Aug ] - Subjects and Seminars of the Congress [01 Aug ] - New patent deduction in Belgium : a powerful incentive [01 Aug ] - Transfer pricing in Belgium - rulings and practice [01 Aug ] - Unilateral and treaty measures in Belgium for the avoidance of double taxation [01 Aug ] - Taxation of partnerships in Belgium : an imbroglio?

Berndt Runge : seminar report [01 May ] - New CFC legislation in Sweden [01 May ] - Singapore's budget - to create opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs [01 May ] - The taxation of services : is the permanent establishment the appropriate threshold? Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.