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The “New Best Friend”

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The Underworld is full of men like you and people who have done far worse things than you could dream of. Even Doctor Mengele had to settle for an apartment in this building and a few floors down. He clenched his fists and attempted to intimidate her, but she was too experienced for him. She merely exposed her fangs and flicked her tail. It was enough to put him in his place. His anger and indignation gave way to resignation.

All the damned did the same thing. They all thought they were the worst of the worst and that it somehow meant more than it did, that it purchased them more than it did. It always ended the same way.

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She showed each of them their options. They all tried to fight the inevitable, wanted to claim they were owed more, but in the end, they all signed on the dotted line in blood. This client was no different. The agent pulled the scroll out of her briefcase and rolled it out on the floor. It was a lengthy document that ran the span of the living room.

None of them ever read it. He was no different.

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He signed like all the others before him. The Devil would be pleased. She put the contract back in her briefcase and walked out of the penthouse. He really should have read the small print. This tip jar is sort of my version of a Patreon thing. These stories are supposed to be free.

Real Estate Success Stories

Thank you so much for your support! Can we have part 2 where we find out exactry what happened to our killer or would that be too gruesome if there is such a thing. Look forward to your next story. Like Like. As a reader, and likely as a writer as well, the books that have influenced me the most are nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century novels and fairytales especially the tales of Hans Christian Andersen and Oscar Wilde. My taste definitely runs toward realistic fiction, and the stories that stay with me are usually ones that use carefully chosen detail to express emotion in surprising and moving ways.

I still remember a woman in a flowered housedress standing on the front stoop of a tiny house in rural Nova Scotia and my longing at seven or eight to get inside her head, or at least her front door. In a novel, you practically become a houseguest. By the end, you know so much about the characters and how they live that you could make yourself a bowl of cereal or toss in a load of laundry.

What makes a short story so exciting is how little time you have, and the writer has, to explore. Nadine Gordimer once wrote that short story writers see by the flash of fireflies. I love that sense of urgency, and what it can reveal.

Short story about real estate in December- Real Time with Ty.

The man was hoping to buy a piece of land so that he could go off-grid, and the three of us actually did hike through an old-growth forest to an unfinished house-for-sale very much like the one described in my story. At the time, several of my friends were struggling with the aftermath of divorces. What if my university friend had gone to see this land not with us but with his ex-wife?

What would she have felt and remembered?