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There is so much room for growth that the people of this world may realize that it is easier to build new land to live on rather than to fight over the limited resources that exist on the Earth. What a world that would be.

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The pioneering book by the late Princeton physicist, Gerard K. NSS is an independent nonprofit nonpartisan educational membership organization dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization. Our vision: People living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth, and using the vast resources of space for the dramatic betterment of humanity. Contact NSS.

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There are a number of reasons to believe that orbital living is the way to go. Proximity to Earth. Travel back and forth to Earth should take only a few hours. Visits from relatives and friends will be common, and traveling to Earth for vacation or schooling should be easy. Perhaps more important, bringing supplies, materials, and specialized equipment from Earth to support construction will be relatively easy.

The Von Braun Space Hotel Opens In 2025

Continuous, ample, reliable solar energy. In a high enough orbit there is no night. Most satellites in Earth orbit use solar power today, deploying large solar cell arrays like wings stretching from the craft. The solar arrays for settlements must be huge in order to generate enough power.

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This power can be generated on separate solar power satellites and beamed to the settlement, much as power beamed from such satellites to Earth can play a major role in solving our energy problems. Weightless construction. Zero-g construction means big settlements can be built with relative ease. On Earth, for example, you could not build a round structure that is several miles high because it would collapse under its own weight, but in zero-gravity it is entirely possible to build such large structures, and in orbit astronauts can move objects weighing many tons by hand.

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Space settlers will spend almost all of their time inside the settlement because it is impossible for an unprotected human to survive outside for more than a few seconds. In this situation, obviously, bigger settlements are better. I was really talking in the context of using an Ion and Photonic driven spacecraft — it could take upto several weeks and months years??? The whole subject of tourist travel in space is moonshine until there is a space elevator to reduce the cost of moving mass to earth orbit by orders of magnitude. Bzzt wrong. The initial boost only lasted a few minutes.

New horizons only accelerated once once it passed the moon and that was the Jupiter gravity assist. Hehe, got me there. Thanks for the info, good to know. I personally think this is just a ploy to gain money and raise attention however my heart says I hope it is true. The sooner we start space touring and colonization the better. Humanity needs to span outwards to survive. I have to agree with Richard Branson. Why not build hotels in space? That way the tourists can travel to the space hotel in a standard rocket where they can experience the thrill of high g-forces.

Of course, only the filthy rich tourists will help pay for the luxury of going to the Moon, while the rest of us cretins will grumble and complain, at least in the beginning. Someday going to the Moon will be comparitively expensive as having a car, or a personal computer. Does anyone remember how expensive they were when they first came out???? Are humanity close to build a space ship capable of 1G constant acceleration as Phil Jackson says?

Have a huge water tank, a small nuclear reactor onboard or some other high energy production device , then split the water into HHO and burn it for the fuel.

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Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading John: What about more powerful ION drives? We could use a Earth-orbit space laser to power the drive. What about photonic drives? The ion slow boat to lunar absorption will become a religious pilgrimage. Baggage allowance? Overweight baggage fees? Would it be cheaper for lighter folk, excellent excuse to lose some pounds k. To ioresult: Hehe, got me there. Cheers, Ian. What is the average time to get to the moon??

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