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Her musical story Lucinda Snowdrop is now an illustrated book. You can hear a live performance of Lucinda with music at lucindasnowdrop.

Interesting facts about Spiders - Educational Video for Kids.

Iza Trapani was born in Poland and moved to the U. Iza is known for her award-winning series of nursery rhyme extensions, including The Itsy Bitsy Spider , which has sold over a million copies. His first two Awesome Achievers non-fiction books, combining facts and laughs, will be released in August. He has also created comic books, trading card sets, web videos, commercials and hundreds of other special projects for kids and their parents. Gail Carson Levine has written twenty-four books for children.

Her best-known is Ella Enchanted , which won a Newbery honor in and was made into a motion picture in Some Days is her most recent book. Della lives in Hyde Park with her husband, three children and two guinea pigs. In her free time, Della enjoys reading, movies, traveling, leisurely walks and cheering for her family at running races, and basketball and baseball games.

Review: Scaredy Cat. War has come and each of the five protagonists are battling to escape the army that pursues them across the Northern Plateau.

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But when they get caught, Maddie ends up taking the blame. Did Maddie do the wrong thing, even if it was for the right reasons? In this article, Julia Lawrinson explores how far authors should go in providing the answers to questions of morality, and offers some points of discussion for the classroom.

Review: Hello Lighthouse. The first for Finding Winnie in was also the first time the Caldecott was awarded to an Australian creator. Hello Lighthouse is exquisite. The story is a realistic portrayal of the daily life of a lighthouse keeper and his lighthouse and the dedicated service demanded by the role.

The full-page illustrations in Chinese ink and watercolour on hot-press paper draw attention to effort, quality, elegance of design and layout that together as a team, make this an experience. Tuesday, 1 October Winners: Ollie and Augustus. My canvas paintings are signed Bood.

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So people may not know that they have my artwork hanging on their wall. What is your nickname? Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. And finally the book ends with the consequences of too much candy. These well-written poems avoid the trite and the cliched while covering real-kid issues, including which house on the street gives out the best candy 'My Secret List' , what would be the scariest creature to dress up as the school principal , having to trick-or-treat with your scaredy-cat younger sibling 'My Sister's Afraid of Halloween' , sharing some of your haul with your parents once you get home 'The Candy Check' , picking the right pumpkin at the patch and visiting a haunted house.

The final poem 'Sick or Treat' appropriately describes the unpleasant consequence of pigging out! Kids will get in the spirit of Halloween with this new collection of silly and slightly scary poems about witches, pumpkins and trick-or-treating by award-winning children's poet Charles Ghigna. Adam McCauley's ghoulishly fun illustrations will give everyone giggles and goose bumps.

Give your little trickster a good treat. With Ghigna's clever play on words, the reader can move smoothly through the highlights of a ghoulish night. There are poetic treats about: crazy costumes, pumpkins, monsters, gargoyles, witches and haunted houses -- and beware of Frankenstein and the Werewolf.

These snappy rhymes cover every aspect of Halloween.

Whatever your age. Here's a good line: In the poem 'What to Wear on Halloween? The 'spooktacular' poems in Halloween Night will rhyme right into the ears of children who consider October 31 a major holiday. Writing from the point of view of a youngster at the height of his Halloween enthusiasm, Ghigna captures the most important issues associated with the Fright Night experience: what to wear, which neighbors give the best treats, who's the biggest scaredy-cat, and -- most crucially -- how to tackle the things that are truly terrifying.

Detail and empathy prevail on every page. Through the entire collection, Ghigna seems aware of the potential for Halloween traditions to help kids face and feel empowered over their fears. Adam McCauley's whimsical illustrations assist in keeping the focus on what's fun about the holiday, providing perfect backdrops to the poems. Open the book and you'll find two little bears flying a kite. One bear tells the other, 'If you were a brand-new kite and I were a ball of string, I'd hold on tight with all my might so we could fly all spring. My favorite reads: 'If you were a choo-choo train and I were a railroad track, I'd turn myself in circles so you would come right back!

In this hear-shaped board book the verses share the theme of a long lasting love and affection. This rhyming picture book for toddlers follows children as they admire typical spring sights such as the weather, animals, and plants. This book is well-crafted to appeal to toddlers. The language is in the first-person in present tense, which toddlers will be able to follow and involves daily activities and sights that will be familiar to them.

The vocabulary is simple and toddlers will know most of the words, and the rhyming text will appeal to toddlers and help increase their language skills. Toddlers will also be drawn to the illustrations, which are drawn with simple lines and shapes and brightly colored. This is one of four books in the "I See" series by Charles Ghigna. Reviewer: Jeannie Stickle. Poet Ghigna catalogs the many sights of the winter season, from changes in the natural world to traditional outdoor pastimes to celebrations of Christmas.

The subject matter is a natural choice for seasonal storytimes. And there are three other seasons in the I SEE series by Ghigna to keep us busy until the spring thaw. The language is in the first-person in present tense, which toddlers will be able to follow and involves daily activities and sights that they will be able to relate to. The vocabulary is simple and toddlers will know most of the words, and the rhyming text will help increase their language skills. From the cover to the pictures inside, the multicultural illustrations make this a good choice for all young audiences.

The chipper verse and bright palette offer an enthusiastic endorsement of the joys and small miracles to be found outdoors. Ages What a fantastic way to introduce my child to gardening. Not only is this book filled with poetry and words and phrases that will be great for early reading, but also vivid and entertaining illustrations. In a very simple rhyming story, a mouse tells a small girl in a pet store why mice make the best pets compared with all the other popular animals.

The colorful pictures show that all the other pets do very well for themselves, even when the mouse tries to insult them. The girl grins as the puppies lick her face, but in the end the mouse fits just nicely in her pocket.

With its perky voice and cuddly subject, this will appeal to first readers, as will the clear, colorful paperback design. A mouse tries to convince a pet store customer that mice make the best pets: 'Boas squeeze. Bold, colorful cartoon illustrations reflect diversity among the children and aid new readers with visual information. Beginning readers will learn about all the shapes and sizes of pumpkins in these rhymed couplets.

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One looks like a large marshmallow! Many become jack-o-lanterns on Halloween night. The text is a litany of the shapes, sizes, colors and uses of pumpkins and has a sing-song rhythm. A storyline is presented that shows happy, ethnically-diverse children visiting an Amish farm and selecting their pumpkins. Word repetition and short sentences are key parts of this 'Step into reading. Step 2' series book.

A spirited centipede tries on many different types of shoes, sandals and boots in this adorable book, which communicates an age-appropriate math concept for early readers.

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The rhyming text and captivating illustrations will have young readers hooked as they ponder the dilemmas of every centipede: where to buy shoes, what kind to buy, where to store them and how to tell left and right shoes apart. Children learn that the centipede has feet. Because shoes come in pairs, a centipede will need 50 pairs. However, a discerning centipede may choose to buy sets of shoes, such as five sets of 20 or 10 sets of Children are sure to be amused when they see this centipede reclining on the beach with sandals, decked out in a cowboy hat and boots, striding with loafers and a pin striped suit, etc.

18 Books About Sea Animals

What a fun way to 'Step into Reading. This delightful story considers the predicament of a centipede shopping for appropriate footwear.

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The rollicking rhythmic pattern will encourage students to explore the various multiples that total After the centipede spends an exhaustive day trying on various types of shoes, readers will agree that remaining barefoot is the only logical solution for a centipede! Written in the first person, the simple verses are drawn from children's everyday experiences. There are shadows, insects, autumn leaves, clocks, books, and mirrors. The answer to each riddle is revealed in the last line. And because they are in verse, the riddles are especially fun to read out loud. Riddles are fun and so are rhymes.

Put them together and you get a lighthearted guessing-game about everyday objects in a young child's life. Most appealing! Have each member of the family take a turn reading these riddle- poems about books, rainbows, mirrors, and more! Guaranteed to keep a kid's mind working. For the most fun, read the poems aloud.

Each of the fifteen rhymes provides clues for riddles about subjects such as the wind, the sky, or autumn leaves. The bright, flat, stylized illustrations are appealing. This book makes a splendid gift for those graduating from college or middle school. I can see college coaches everywhere buying this book and tearing out pages to post on bulletin boards.

This collection of 50 poems about ambition, persistence, attitude, self-respect and integrity will find plenty of fans among parents, teachers, leaders and coaches who are working on character development, goal-setting and cooperative classrooms. These maxims have undeniable appeal -- and they are homey, honest and blessedly brief. Fifty poems that inspire everyone-children, parents, athletes, coaches, teachers, and graduates from middle, high school, or college.

This book is a good companion to that favorite classic Dr. And like Dr. Ghigna, known as Father Goose, believes in the power of positive thinking. It also inspires character traits. The poems are only four lines long, just right to memorize and carry around in your head. McQueen, First Draft. How do you "get victory to greet you"? Whether striving to make the team, make the grade, or make it to Carnegie Hall, your young readers will be inspired by the smart advice offered in these 50 poems.

Great as a graduation or commencement gift. Character Education lessons on every page. Perfect for family discussions. Beginning readers will have fun with the humorous homonyms words that sound and look alike but have different meanings in this early 'Step into Reading' paperback. See a bat bat and a swallow swallow a baseball with the comically expressive illustrations.

Animals and insects perform riddle-rhymes on very page. Have you ever seen a fish fish before? Large type, repetition, and a simple rhythm make this a good choice for preschoolers and kindergartners just learning to decode. The illustrations are sure to get a few laughs while complementing the simple text. Rhyming sentences celebrate the joys of winter, from sledding, skating and building snowmen to baking cookies, sipping cocoa and reading by the fire.

Woolf's flat, sharp-edged digital illustrations depict a happy family engaging in all these activities. The vocabulary is entirely appropriate to the level Step into Reading 2. They are told simply, with the kind of charming detail that makes them instantly memorable.

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A collection of thirty poems covers such everyday subjects as naptime, bubbles, 'Little Daddy Longlegs,' and many images of nature.