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Don't walk into that churchyard or a schoolhouse without a hardhat! There are more than just the usual hazards of daily life in rural Wales that could bring you harm. There are murderous bells afoot! Varla Ventura, author of Sheroes, Beyond Bizarre, and The Book of the Bizarre, and is a lover of all things odd and unusual and truly freaky. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, which she celebrates almost every day. She lives in the attic of an o OverDrive uses cookies and similar technologies to improve your experience, monitor our performance, and understand overall usage trends for OverDrive services including OverDrive websites and apps.

We use this information to create a better experience for all users. Please review the types of cookies we use below. These cookies allow you to explore OverDrive services and use our core features. Describes how a group of people researching past lives experienced past life experiences of Cathars sufferig horrendous repression which interconnected with each other.

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The phenomina is unusual but not unknown. Manly P. Front hinge slightly eased. Illustration of a phoenix cut out and used as a bookplate on front pastedown also remains of another small label. Angelique Cook and G.

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Scholarly account written at height of ritual abuse scare. Walter Hobbs Ed. Holt, Robin Hood, T. Dew-ponds are a lost art, cunningly sighted and skilfully dug to retain dew providing water in high ground. Cattle ways the groove created by the repeated movement of herds over centuries and were manipulated by early man to gentle guide the herds. Of topological interest, with excellent photos of recording the grasslands of Southern England a century ago, of archeological interest with insight about frequently overlooked ancient sites and of considerable Earth Mysteries interest.

They are open to the sense of place, at one point in their travels, "The hostile aspect which the camp persents when viewed from a distance is not dissapated by a nearer knowledge of it. It speaks of gloom in every recess and we turn back, oppressed by the sullen genius of the place. Library binding which is loose, a few pp detached. Nils Jacobsen, Life Without Death? Jenkins, The Treasure of St. Joshi, H. Record of answers spontaneously given to questions by remarkable man who was hailed by member sof the Theosophical Society as World Teacher but rejected the role and allspiritual organisations.

Various Ed. The life stories told by Ruby Lantham from her experiences in the agricultural depression of the s and s. Edited by her son, Neil. Witchcraft at Salem Village, U. An important landmark in the western assimilation of the idea of chakras. Also the clairvoyant perception of the chakras illustrated here were innovative beibng quite different from traditional Indian representations. Translated by Einar frame, this copy having signed inscription by him to Sir Alfred Pickle 30 degrees.

An excellent book. Printed in brown ink.

Robert A. A classic work. Andrew Lang. Contributions by Margaret Murray, C. Jung, George Russell A. The work of the SPR is described. It also discusses his involvement with the Golden Dawn and his mysticism. For centuries megalithic remains have fascinated and intruiged with speculations about the significance articulating with occult ideas. Furze Morrish, Outline of Metaphysics, Rider not dated c? It has been suggested her speculation were informed by Traditional craft in her family.

Certainly her assertion that witchcraft was a survival of paganism into the age of Christianity provided a powerful myth that inspired the witcchraft revival which, given she provided a forword for one of Gardners books, presumably she looked kindly upon. Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty Ed.

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Kane Omega, Cosmic Sex, The Supreme Ecstasy, Lyle Stuart pp A curiousity, a westerner writes in unrestrained everyday language describing the practicalities of Tantric sex as taught him by an Indian tantric teacher. Considerable description of the actual experience of tantric sex. It would appear the author took an interesting diversion from the usual hippy trail though t dustwrapper tells us he is not in fact Mr.

Chih-hsu Ou-I Trans. Gale R. Found to be useful. Not well written!

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Two Vols. Leland is a towering figure in the preservation of folklore that has proved remarkably significant for neo-paganism. Notably his recording of Aradia, Gospel of the Witches and much gypsy lore. VG clean copies Order No. Humanist astrological interpretation that has discussion of aeonics and is hostile to established church. Front cover embellished with vignette of winged disc above a human face within a heptagram.

Planer, Superstition, Cassell pp Charts the various forms of prophecy before examining human belief in the world of spirits. It then considers magical practices and magical objects before descibing the institutionalised supestition of the major religions. Ltd Ed of copy No.

Powell, The Mental Body, T. On the way some gems of information are uncovered. Fine in Very Good Order No. Radford, Encyclopedia of Superstitions, Rider not dated 1st Ed pp. Facsimile of first edition. Frontispiece of author. Vera Reid, Towards Aquarius, Rider nd c? Slight spotting to prelims. Frank G. Chemistr and traditions the author experiments with a powerful dose which resluts in uncontrollable mirth. Publisher's flier enclosed. Dampstaining to cover and some pages.

Decorative dustwrapper quite worn. This work, one of a number, are a curiosity showing an undercurrent of fascination with sex worship in Victorian England. Sha Rocco is obviously a pseudonymn, some say for Abisha S. Hudson though since there are no biographical details for this person this too may be a pseudonymn. SF pp Frontis British Israelite work revelant to earth mystery perception. Eric Russell, Astrology and Prediction, Batsford Plates pp describes Man's quest to forsee the future from ancient times into the 20th Century.

Minot J. Some neat anno. Daniel 1st Ed. Darrel Schweitzer, Dream Quest of H. Lovecraft, Borgo 1st Ed. Card covs. Prof Illus.


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Curiously author contrast his path self development, "the Magician" with that of the "Saint" where self is dissolved in all. Julia Seton, Western Symbology, Rally pp attractive decorated cloth, bookplate. Unusual numerolgy title. Keo Vongvixay. A long time ago there was a boy named Wynd Nhut. He lived in a village high up in the great mountains in the lost kingdom of Nan Chao. The great mountain peaks of Nan Chao were called Muang Dang which means the realm of the gods.

In his village there once stood a giant statue of Nhawke Sing. The locals called him Nhawke Sing because the statue had the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle. It was a mystery as to how the statue came to be there or who made Nhawke Sing. Not even the oldest and wisest amongst the village elders knew the answer to this mystery - but everyone in the village had heard of the legend of Nhawke Sing. The whispers of the wind spoke of Nhawke Sing coming to life at night and flying away to the mystical, eternal land of Muang Taevidar - the land of angels- to feed on golden bamboo shoots.

And this legend was whispered into the ears of many dreamers in that part of the world. It became a tradition, especially for the young people of the village to test out the legend of Nhawke Sing. Everyone in the village whether rich, poor, young or old had come once or twice hoping for rich rewards in catching Nhawke Sing in flight.

I LOVED Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - In Depth SPOILER REVIEW and Breakdown

But try as they might, they would all fall asleep, only to wake to the rooster's call the next morning. In the end they all decided that the legend was just another false whisper of the lying wind and they gave up trying. One day, Wynd Nhut decided that he was going to find out for himself if the legend of Nhawke Sing was true. Wrexham County Folk Tales. Fiona Collins. The county borough of Wrexham is rich in folklore, with an abundance of tales to capture the wonders of the Welsh landscape and all its denizens, both real and imaginary: animal, human and even superhuman.

Natural Causes of Lycanthropy by Sabine Baring-Gould and Varla Ventura - Read Online

This collection, which includes both traditional tales — passed down through generations by word of mouth — and archive material, brings to life the local legends, mysteries and stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things that make Wales so magical. A speaker of both languages of Wales, the author has collected some unusual material sure to enchant both Welsh and non Welsh speakers. Beautifully illustrated by local artist Ed Fisher, these tales bring to life the ancient wisdom of Wrexham.

Jan Harold Brunvand. The book that launched America's urban legend obsession! The Vanishing Hitchhiker was Professor Brunvand's first popular book on urban legends, and it remains a classic. The culmination of twenty years of collection and research, this book is a must-have for urban legend lovers.

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