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So to get around that, I thought if we used the screenplay format, we could just go there. This time, this place, this person speaking.

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Suspend Your Disbelief. Van Jordan. To all of you who are already fans, thank you! Links and Resources: To read the rest of the interview between Falk and Jordan, please click here. Check our A. In his thoughtful introduction, Pinsky writes of the curator as creator: not a gatekeeper or impartial critic, but a composer of a new work.

This book, then, is a portrait drawn by Pinsky: a thumbnail-sized view of contemporary American poetry.

The Universal Language of Poetry

True, it is improbable, if not impossible, that any reader could possibly agree that these are the finest poems written in the past quarter-century. But surely all engaged readers will encounter something they find worthy of high praise. In Mark Doty's "Difference," from , he sees metaphors in jellyfish and jellyfish in metaphors :. Pinsky highlights a similar diversity of meaning-making, choosing poems with wildly varying structures, shapes, sounds and philosophies. If the condoms disgust you, turn the page for an operatic lyric or flip back for a bared heart. This book may not be vast, but it does contain multitudes.

  1. Fiction Book Review: The Cineaste by A Van Jordan. Norton, $ (p) ISBN .
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  6. Judge it by its cover if you must, but don't dismiss A. Van Jordan's new collection on account of its table of contents. The list of film titles there suggests versified criticism, or maybe mere film summaries.

    The Cineaste, Poems by A. Van Jordan | | Booktopia

    But don't be fooled — these poems aren't reviews or recaps, and they're not just for cinephiles. Rather than writing about films, Jordan remakes them — serving as audience, director, editor, he recasts characters, reshoots scenes, turns the cameras around. Watch him slice up American Gigolo :.

    Perhaps he believed his naked body could be a torch lighting a path for a lover he thought was waiting just up ahead. Cut to: Two hours later, a lifetime in film hours, Julian is in jail now.

    Suspend Your Disbelief

    Like any good reboot, you don't need to have seen the original to appreciate the riff; but if you long for context, there are notes in the back. At the collection's heart, a sonnet series reimagines The Homesteader , the lost first film by the black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux. The cycle, a montage linked by echoing lines, gives voice to ghosts, jealous fathers, bounty hunters and the self-taught, brilliant Micheaux. Here and in the collection as a whole, Jordan treats film not just as art, commentary or achievement, but as a process — even a way of life.

    Cave Canem Presents: Poets on Craft with Nathalie Handal and A. Van Jordan

    This volume, reissued years after Robert Hayden's birth, might better be called "Curated" — a generous selection of Hayden's works, but hardly a complete collection. The poems that make the cut speak strongly, in Hayden's precise, humane voice, for his place in the American canon. Critics often highlight Hayden's religion Baha'i and his race African-American , but his haunted verse is more compelling than his biography.

    Ghosts of the lost and lingering past pervade his work.

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    Only the music. Hayden's work looks back toward a rich, sympathetically rendered land of abandoned gods, dead beloveds and suffering ancestors. A year-old narrative, a contemporary anthology, a thematic collection and a careerlong retrospective. These very different releases have at least two things in common: They are all fresh off the presses and well worth a look. Happy Poetry Month!