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Focus on doing it every time you practice.

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Trust me on that! You need to ingrain it into your brain through repetition. Even professionals have to remind themselves to watch the ball! In fact, you can often see some of them muttering it to themselves as the bowler is about to bowl to them!

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Get used to doing it practice, make it into a habit and you will be more likely to take it into a game! This for me is the second most important aspect of hitting sixes in cricket. Having good footwork and technique allows us to time the ball better, and put us in the best possible positions from which we can launch our attacking strokes.

Both of these things are crucial to hitting sixes. Pay some attention to these few things:. This is especially true when facing spinners! This is something that a lot of players overlook. By moving down the pitch too much, we can unintentionally turn deliveries that would have been perfect for smashing for 6 into yorkers!

The Ultimate Guide to Hitting The Ball Further In Cricket

When trying to hit a six we should always be trying to put ourselves in the best position to do so! One of the best ways to do this is to move your front leg out of the way towards the leg side instead of moving it towards the pitch of the ball.

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This has the potential to do a number of things for us as batsmen, including:. Clearing the front leg is one of the safer types of pre-meditated movement. It also opens up our scoring options dramatically. The key to doing it properly is ensuring that you are still balanced when you have cleared the leg out of the way. In some cases, widening the stance in this way could cause us to fall forwards slightly, which would be harmful to any shot you were trying to hit! Again, this is something that can be practiced in net sessions.


Go into attack mode and try to play in this way for a few overs. The more you practice this leg movement and attacking style, the more comfortable it will feel during game situations. By now you should know that our foundation at the crease is important, and this is where a lot of the power comes from when we are hitting sixes.

This really helps when trying to hit a six over the leg-side, as this is where a lot of our power to be able to do that comes from. This refers to the shapes that your back leg will often create as you try to hit the ball for six. Take a look at the photo below and you will see what I mean! You can see in the photo that my ankle and knee joint have created L shapes and that my back leg has collapsed slightly. It is this leg position that will allow you to get underneath the ball and achieve maximum elevation on your shot!

All of this action results in a powerful leg-side shot that has plenty of elevation, meaning the shot will have a great chance of sailing over the boundary!

When batting in the nets, it can be useful to get coaches to video your batting style so you can monitor the positions you get into. When hitting leg-side sixes, try to copy the stances you see in this section. If you and your coach notice obvious areas of your technique that cause problems, then this can be something you can work to correct.

A photo of the uppercut shot can be seen below. This shot is much more based on touch rather than the raw power of the batsman, and if played correctly the ball can travel a long way. All you have to do is make sure you watch the ball right on to the face of the bat, and flick your wrists a little as you make contact to give it that extra bit of speed. Sachin Tendulkar was a master of playing this shot, and I regularly remember him hitting it over the ropes for 6. He let his timing do the work. This shot is usually played to very full balls or full tosses.

The batsman will usually either get down on one knee or turn square towards the bowler and simply look to guide the ball behind square by glancing it off the bat face.

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If the bowler is fast enough, the ball just needs to be helped on its way with a little flick of the wrists from the batsman. Again, this is a shot that requires a minimal injection of power! No other cricket book to date has been so well designed, so easy to use, and so committed to weight training. This book will have players increasing speed, strength, and agility which will translate into becoming a more effective bowler with a better batting average and quicker bat velocity. Both beginners and advanced athletes and weight trainers can follow this book and utilize its programs.

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From recreational to professional, thousands of athletes all over the world are already benefiting from this book and its techniques, and now you can too! If your reps are on the higher side then keep the sets on the lower side, and if the reps are low then keep the sets on the higher side. Thus if you chose to do 5 reps then do sets, and if you choose to do 10 reps then do 3 sets.

You can and should vary your training between the rep and set ranges. Once I was discussing with a trainer of a junior Cricket team about how they train. He informed me that with weights they do 4 weeks of mass training, 4 weeks of strength training and 4 weeks of endurance training. Hearing this I was surprised. I mean why does every Cricketer need to go through a mass training phase and an endurance phase? Cricket is not a game played on a bodyweight category basis, so why does one need to bulk up unless they are underweight?

As far as endurance goes, if all that running on the field and hours of skills practice fails to build any endurance then I am sorry but I fail to see how a minute session of high rep training will build endurance. I am a firm believer that for a Cricketer, weights should be primarily used for strength development. However the concept of periodization is very important for a Cricketer to follow. He should base his workouts depending on the time of the season. The off season should be used to build strength and power, and during the season you should try to maintain what strength you have gained during the off season.

There is no sense and no real chance of trying to build additional strength when the season begins, so be truly devoted during the off season. So now that we have covered the basic principles of strength training for Cricket it is time for sample routines. The routines given are meant for amateur Cricketers who are looking to add strength training to enhance their performance on the field.

If you also need to pack on muscle size, then do the same routine and keep increasing your caloric intake gradually till you reach your ideal weight. Do the following workouts alternately on 3 alternate days per week. Do warm up sets for the exercises. After finishing the assigned number of sets for A1 and A2 move on to B1 and B2 and do it in the same manner. Now what about season time? Obviously lifting heavy weights during that period is not a great idea.

The objective of strength training during the season time should be to maintain the strength that is built during the off season. So keeping that in mind, follow an abbreviated routine from the off season.

Complete Guide to Fitness exercises and drills for Cricketers

Here is a sample routine that you can follow when it's game time. So there you have it sample routines for Cricketers to follow to become strong. Do not wait and think that the game's physical requirements are the same as it was decades ago. To be a modern day Cricketer you cannot ignore proper strength development.