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Over seven years, kids who thought they would die early were seven time more likely than optimistic kids to be subsequently diagnosed with AIDS. They also were more likely to attempt suicide and get in fights resulting in serious injuries. Adolescence is "a time of great opportunity and for such a large minority of youth to feel like they don't have a long life ahead of them was surprising," she said. The study suggests a new way doctors could detect kids likely to engage in unsafe behavior and potentially help prevent it, said Dr.

Jonathan Klein, a University of Rochester adolescent health expert who was not involved in the research.

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Scientists once widely believed that teenagers take risks because they underestimate bad consequences and figure "it can't happen to me," the study authors say. The new research bolsters evidence refuting that thinking. Opposite of invulnerability of youth Cornell University professor Valerie Reyna said the new study presents "an even stronger case against the invulnerability idea.

Fatalistic kids weren't more likely than others to die during the seven-year study; there were relatively few deaths, 94 out of more than 20, teens. The researchers analyzed data from a nationally representative survey of kids in grades 7 to 12 who were interviewed three times between and Of 20, teens interviewed in the first round, Sixteen percent of deaths among people age 15 to 24 are due to homicide.

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In , 87 percent of all homicides against people of all age groups in the U. Unfortunately, you cannot necessarily control where you live or what other people do. However, you can do your best to protect yourself by avoiding dangerous and confrontational situations and seeking help for domestic violence. Fifteen percent of the deaths of in this age group were induced by drugs or alcohol.

Abusing drugs and alcohol may be a rite of passage into adulthood, but it is risky. Preventing drug and alcohol abuse is the focus of many programs, both aimed at encouraging parents to discuss these issues with their kids and peers to influence each other. Cancer deaths account for 5 percent of deaths among the 15 to 24 age group. Unfortunately, there is no proven way to prevent cancer, and this percentage includes many childhood cancers that are not preventable.

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Three percent of people who die when they are 15 to 24 die of heart disease. Exercise and a healthy diet can help to prevent and reverse heart disease, however, many young people who die of heart disease were born with it. Congenital illnesses, some inherited from parents, such as cystic fibrosis or maternally-transmitted HIV, account for 1. A healthy pregnancy can help prevent many of these conditions. Reduce your risk by not smoking or quitting smoking.

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While most people think of strokes as only occurring in older adults, they can occur in anyone at any age. Stroke is responsible for 0. Exercise, not smoking, and having a healthy diet can help prevent stroke. However, the cause of strokes, even in people who are very healthy, often cannot be identified.

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